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Essential back office services that property managers should outsource.
June 21, 2024

Must-Have Back Office Services That Property Managers Should Outsource


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Picture this: in the lucrative world of property management, many property managers get buried in an avalanche of administrative tasks and paperwork. A Gitnux Market Data report shows that at least 50% of property managers consider maintaining productivity their biggest challenge. 

In an industry where time is money, maximizing productivity is considered paramount. This is where outsourcing property management tasks comes into play. In this article, we will talk about the essential back office services property managers should outsource and how you can make the most of them.

Outsourced Property Management: What is it?

To Outsource Property Management Back Office Services means hiring third-party companies and delegating certain tasks to them. This allows property managers to have access to outsourced experts with the right expertise and skill sets.

Some of the fundamental responsibilities handled by outsourcing providers include the following:

  • Tenant Relations

Tenant relations involve addressing tenant requests and inquiries and resolving disputes, among others. These tasks foster both tenant satisfaction and retention.

  • Maintenance and Repairs

Outsourcing professionals coordinate maintenance tasks, oversee property inspections, and schedule repairs and renovations. This ensures the properties are not only well-maintained but also compliant with maintenance and safety standards.

  • Tenant Acquisition and Retention

This task covers negotiating leases, advertising vacancies, and conducting tenant screenings. Proper execution minimizes vacancies and optimizes occupancy rates. Lower tenant turnover means avoiding losing income.

Entrusting property management tasks to a seasoned outsourcing provider can be a game-changer. With skilled professionals handling routine functions, you can focus more on profit-boosting activities.

What Are Back-Office Services?

Back office services refer to the business processes behind-the-scenes. While back-office services are not directly related to core business functions, they help ensure the business runs seamlessly.

For property management, back-office services encompass a vast array of financial, operational, and administrative tasks. They support the maintenance and management of properties. Some of the back-office services you can invest in are:

  • tenant relations,
  • lease administration,
  • and compliance management.

3 Essential Back-Office Services In Property Management For Outsourcing

Outsourcing back office services helps property management companies become more efficient. They fuel business growth by taking over routine tasks that hinder productivity. Here are three of the most essential back office services that property management companies can outsource:

  1. Record Management 

In a nutshell, record management is the systematic organization and control of the company’s records, from creation to disposition. Record management can also include tasks like retrieving, storing, and categorizing records to ensure their accessibility, compliance, and integrity. 

While it may seem straightforward, record management can be resource-intensive and time-consuming. When you outsource this task, you can free up valuable resources and time. This allows you to focus on important core activities, such as business development.

  1. Payroll Handling 

Payroll handling includes deducting benefits and taxes, calculating wages, and issuing payments. For property management firms, this task involves managing the payroll for administrative employees, maintenance workers, and other property management staff.

Outsourcing payroll handling will not only eliminate the need to hire and retain payroll staff; it will also spare you from purchasing software and keeping abreast of the ever-evolving payroll regulations. It can also ensure payroll-related filings are done in compliance with current laws and regulations.

  1. Financial Management and Accounting 

Financial management and accounting involve overseeing the financial aspects of the business. These include rent collection, expense tracking, and tax compliance. Delegating this function to outsourcing professionals can help ensure financial records are not only accurate but also compliant with current regulations. 

Outsourcing financial management and accounting services gives property management companies the luxury of scaling their operations as they see fit. It also allows them to accommodate any changes in the business without needing to hire additional employees or invest in accounting infrastructure and software.

Benefits of Using Virtual Assistants in Property Management

Property managers have numerous responsibilities. For starters, they handle maintenance and repairs and tend to tenant concerns. They also resolve tenant conflicts, respond to emergencies, and collect rent.

While these tasks are not as time-intensive as they seem, they can be quite overwhelming if you’re handling several properties all at once. This is where the help of a seasoned and competent virtual assistant can come in handy.

Aside from getting expert help, investing in the services of a virtual assistant allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduces Cost. A virtual assistant works remotely. It saves you money that would otherwise go to overhead costs like equipment, office space, and employee benefits. Undoubtedly, hiring a virtual assistant is a savvy financial move that allows you to expand your team capabilities without sapping your resources.
  • Saves Time: With so many things to manage daily, some property managers wish they could clone themselves to get things done. However, since cloning is not yet possible, hiring a virtual assistant is the next best thing. With a virtual assistant handling some of your tasks, you can focus more on the aspects of the business that need your expertise. You might even get the luxury of enjoying some much-needed downtime!
  • Boosts Efficiency: When you have a virtual assistant, you can avoid missed appointments, and no email goes unanswered. Since they can streamline important tasks, virtual assistants can help ensure the company stays agile and responsive. They are capable of delivering better service and faster response times. This significant boost in efficiency can lead to happier tenants and a healthier bottom line.
  • Provides Specialized Skills: On the lookout for an expert in real estate software? Need someone with a knack for social media? Virtual assistants have diverse skills and specialties and can take on different roles. Whatever you need help with, there’s a virtual assistant who fits the bill.

Virtual assistants can revolutionize how property managers work by going beyond administrative help. With their help, property managers can unlock new levels of cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Drawbacks of Using Virtual Assistants in Property Management

Navigating the dynamic and multifaceted world of property management requires a specialized skill set. You should have meticulous attention to detail and steadfast dedication. However, this promising solution is not without its drawbacks. Here are five common cons of hiring a property management virtual assistant:

  • Security Concerns

Sharing classified information like financial records or tenant data with virtual assistants can become a security concern. While many virtual assistants observe security protocols, there’s always the risk of information misuse or data breaches.

  • Cultural and Language Barriers

Since virtual assistants come from different countries and backgrounds, they also have varying levels of proficiency when it comes to cultural nuances and language. That said, misunderstandings and miscommunications can arise at any time. These might affect the effectiveness and quality of their work.

  • Time Zone Differences

Many virtual assistants come from different time zones. This setup can result in communication delays and even conflicts. The time zone difference can also significantly affect real-time collaboration and responsiveness. This can be a concern, especially in urgent situations or when working on time-sensitive tasks.

  • Limited Capacity and Availability

Virtual assistants can have other commitments and clients that can limit both their availability and capacity to take on additional tasks. For property managers who depend a lot on virtual assistants, challenges can occur when there are unexpected workload surges during peak periods.

  • Technology Dependency

Virtual assistants rely on technology and tools to carry out their duties. Software glitches can cause issues with project management software, communication tools, and file-sharing platforms. This will not only disrupt the workflow, but it can also affect productivity dramatically.

While hiring a virtual assistant offers benefits that are hard to miss, it’s important to also weigh in on the potential drawbacks. Knowing the cons can also help ensure risk mitigation and maximize the benefits of working with a virtual assistant.

Tips for Outsourcing Property Management

Outsourcing property management tasks is a smart and strategic move that merits careful consideration. Ensure property management outsourcing success by keeping the following essentials in mind:

Define Your Outsourcing Objectives

Audit the property management tasks and duties you’re currently handling so you can figure out the functions you want to delegate. These can include routine tasks like rent collection, lease administration, or tenant screening. Once you’ve decided on the tasks you want to outsource, setting expectations and realistic objectives comes easy. Knowing your outsourcing goals can also help you determine likely bottlenecks and pain points that they can help address.

Research Potential Outsourcing Providers

Finding the right outsourcing provider starts with thorough research. Start by exploring trusted and seasoned companies that specialize in property management services. Look for service providers with a solid reputation and a proven track record. It is also crucial that you take into account the potential provider’s resources, capabilities, and reputation. Also consider other important factors like technology infrastructure, team size, and expertise. In essence, you need to gauge if they have the resources needed to handle your business requirements with ease.

Assess Provider’s Capabilities

Assessing the capabilities of the providers you have shortlisted is essential. This will give you a clear idea of whether they can meet your business requirements and support your operations accordingly. During the evaluation process, ask for references and testimonials from your prospects. This will give you an insight into their performance and dependability.

How Outsourcing Property Management Leads to Better Resident Experiences

Outsourcing property management functions can provide a better resident experience. They increase responsiveness, improve operational efficiency, and amplify overall satisfaction. Let’s look into other ways outsourcing can enhance the experience of residents:

  • Streamlined Communication: Delegating property management functions (e.g., lease renewals, tenant inquiries, and maintenance requests) can help create a streamlined communication process. Since tenants receive prompt responses to their concerns and queries, they are more likely to have a more positive experience.
  • Better Amenities: Outsourcing tasks like landscaping, pool maintenance, and fitness center operations can ensure facilities are well-maintained. It also makes them accessible to all residents. This results in increased satisfaction and a more enjoyable living experience.
  • Proactive Problem-Solving: Property managers have the luxury of focusing on proactive and strategic initiatives. This also allows them to resolve issues, anticipate resident needs, and find ways to provide a rewarding experience to tenants.

Maximize Operational Efficiency with STAFFVIRTUAL

There are many ways outsourcing can help you with your back office tasks. If you’re looking to reduce costs and transform your property management business, outsourcing is for you!

Get access to the life-changing power of back office services with STAFFVIRTUAL. We offer personalized solutions designed to save costs and heighten resident satisfaction. Outsource your back office tasks so you can focus on what you do best: providing high-quality service to your tenants.

Take the first step to effective and resident-centric property management. With our help, you can unlock the full potential of your property management operations and maximize efficiency. Schedule a free intro call today and let’s supercharge your back office!


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