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10 SEO Copywriting Tips to Take Your Content from Average to Awesome

So you think putting keywords in the title and numerous times in the blog is enough? Think again.

First off, you need to understand that copywriting is an art. Great writers pour utmost dedication and creativity to create well-crafted content. Secondly, search engine optimization (SEO) might seem like a simple, effortless task for an SEO specialist but if it’s not properly done, his time and resources could all go to waste.

We’ve made a list of 10 of the best SEO copywriting tips, to help improve your search-engine rankings, increase your website traffic and generate more leads.

Here are 10 SEO copywriting tips to take your content from average to awesome:

  1. Know your Audience

his tip is most crucial, hence it being first on the list. Understand your audience, know what they like, and choose the words that will appeal to them. In short, do your homework.

  1. Create a Hard-hitting Headline
Create a Hard-hitting Headline

Set the tone of your content through a compelling, well-thought-out headline and get your article read. Write headlines that are clear, interesting, and throw in rich keywords into the mix.

Additional tips for an outstanding headline:

  • Keep the title under 70 characters so it doesn’t get cut off in search engine results
  • Use numbers in your headlines because people love checking out lists
  • Stay accurate to set clear expectations for your readers
  1. Structure your post
Structure your post

How your post is presented is often just as important as what it says. Break your content up into smaller paragraphs with headlines for an easy read that will keep your readers engaged.

Additional tips for a well-structured post:

  • Use proper tag hierarchy when tagging headlines (H1 for titles, H2 for subtitles)
  • Use bullets to get your ideas in an outline form
  1. Use Great Images

Who doesn’t love looking at stunning images? An article with an awesome cover photo plus eye-catching photos that are relevant to the content will definitely grab the reader’s attention.

Additional tips:

  • You can get amazing high-quality images from Pexel and Pixabay for free
  • Add infographics or videos into your content whenever you can. They are excellent ways to boost engagement, sales, and conversion rates
  • Don’t forget to cite or give credit to materials that aren’t your own or else spoil your reputation or even face a lawsuit
  1. Content is More Important than Keyword Stuffing
Content is More Important than Keyword Stuffing

Over the years a lot has evolved, even of the Google algorithm. Now, you’ll actually get penalized for keyword stuffing. Research says it’s best to use the keyword phrase 2-3 times in about 300 words.

  1. Longer Content is Not Necessarily Better

If your blog post has served its purpose in 300 words, then that’s awesome. Stop writing. You’re done. If not, keep on writing. Just don’t feel too constrained by that word count!

Longer Content is Not Necessarily Better

FYI: According to WordPress CEO, Matt Mullenweg, the average post on WordPress is just 280 words long. And those posts get shared and seen by hundreds of thousands of readers.

  1. Write Effective Meta Descriptions

Writing meta descriptions is one way to attract a searcher to come to your site. Plus they help get good website traffic that can bring in lots of new leads and customers.

Here’s how to write an effective meta description:

  • Be Descriptive – introduce the reader to what the page is all about
  • Use The Right Words – use the right keywords in in the right places to make a difference
  • Spark Curiousity – provide enough information about the page but not so much that it ruins the curiosity factor
  • Be Persuasive – if you want clicks, create a meta description that invites a response
  • Use the Correct Length – a meta description should be no longer than 135 – 160 characters long, so make sure any important keywords are nearer the front.
  1. Link Out and Link In

Links to relevant resources and references in the body of your copy supports key points and provides more value for readers while linking internally is equally important because it adds value and improves user experience.

  1. Be Unique and Original

It’s a well-known fact that a unique and original content ranks highly in the SERPs. More importantly duplicate copy is not allowed by Google and top search engines. And don’t even think about copying and pasting information from other websites (plagiarism) because your site can get banned from the web.

  1. Boost content with social media

Social is the new SEO! Google and Bing aren’t the only search engines out there. Nowadays, people also use social media channels to look stuff up. Post each new article on social media sites and in forums to help increase the reach of your content and promote sharing.

Additional tip: Since the power of social media lies in sharing, it’s also important to have share buttons on each of your blog posts.

Both content and SEO are important pieces to the puzzle, so make sure that they work hand in hand. Applying quality and proven techniques will ensure higher traffic and engagement on your website.Looking for a market-savvy SEO Specialist to provide proven SEO techniques that gain visibility, awareness and leads for your company? Contact us now!

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Google Search Console
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