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MSP Help Desk Support Services

Discover how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) elevate their customer support and efficiently resolve IT issues with STAFFVIRTUAL’s expert MSP Help Desk services in the Philippines.

Your MSP Help Desk Team

Results To Expect With MSP Help Desk Services

We scale teams based on your business needs

Team Size

8 people

Property Specialists

1 Team Lead, 7 Specialists

Team Cost

$ 24,000

Per month

Total cost, everything included

Cost Savings

$ 912,000

Annual savings

Compared to US Team

Client Satisfaction


Satisfaction Rate

Average over 7 years

Why Choose STAFFVIRTUAL for Your MSP Help Desk Needs

Over 15 Years of Expertise

STAFFVIRTUAL brings over 15 years of experience in providing tailored BPO services, with a particular focus on MSP Help Desk support. This expertise means your IT support needs are managed with expert care.

Expert, Committed BPO Professionals

Our team is composed of individuals who are not just experts in BPO but have a specific focus on MSP Help Desk services. They provide detailed, customized solutions that enhance your IT support processes and contribute to your company’s growth.

Around-the-Clock Support

Benefit from 24/7 access to our dedicated MSP Help Desk team, ensuring your IT issues are addressed promptly, regardless of when they occur. This continuous support ensures there are no delays in your operations or service delivery to your clients.

Data Analysis for Informed Decision-Making

Gain data-driven insights from your MSP Help Desk operations to make strategic decisions. Our approach helps you stay ahead of IT challenges and maintain a competitive edge in the MSP industry.

4 Steps to Success with MSP Help Desk Services


Start by defining your MSP’s unique help desk needs. We collaborate with you to develop a strategy that boosts your operational efficiency and fosters growth, ensuring your IT support aligns with your business objectives.


Our selection process identifies professionals with comprehensive knowledge and experience in IT support, particularly in MSP environments. This ensures your team is equipped to manage a wide array of IT issues, from basic troubleshooting to complex technical challenges.


STAFFVIRTUAL provides extensive training to your MSP Help Desk team, ensuring they’re not just familiar with general IT support protocols but also with your specific tools, systems, and processes. This preparation guarantees high-quality, efficient IT support that aligns with your standards.

Build Your Team

With STAFFVIRTUAL’s continuous support and commitment to professional development, your MSP Help Desk team is prepared to evolve and adapt, meeting your business and clients’ changing needs.

Companies Like Yours Are Using STAFFVIRTUAL to Optimize Their Scalability and Profitability

“The cost savings of STAFFVIRTUAL is very dramatic, although I would say it’s not the primary reason. The primary reason we use them is for the quality of the people we get. However, the cost savings are obvious on paper and easy to justify… I think STAFFVIRTUAL works very well for any fast growing company that is looking to expand their core services”

Eric HowardCOO, CM Management

“STAFFVIRTUAL is so far ahead of the curve when it comes to remote staffing in the Philippines. “

Buckley BarlowCEO, In The Know

“One of the things I tell Hong Kong entrepreneurs is that we really should take advantage of this great resource. In the Philippines we can double or triple our team for less than half the cost than it would be here in Hong Kong… to be able to count on STAFFVIRTUAL to shorten that to a few days and get a team up and started, it was just the smart thing to do”

Max ArmbusterCEO, TalkPush
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Metrics That Make A Real Difference!



Talents working

For our Partner Clients

Payroll savings


Avr. Cost Saving

On our Partner Clients payroll

Employee Satisfaction



Compared to US Team

Client Satisfaction


NPS Score

Last 2022 survey

Total Client Saving


(USD) Payroll Savings

Delivered to our clients

Client Team Size


Avg. number of Talents

on our client teams

Team setup


Days from Inquiry

Complete Team Deployment

Client Satisfaction


EBITDA Growth Rate

Year-Over-Year since 2009

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Expert MSP Help Desk Services

Elevate your MSP operations with STAFFVIRTUAL’s specialized MSP Help Desk services, designed to support your IT needs with unmatched expertise. Partnering with us means gaining a committed ally focused on propelling your business forward. We prioritize optimizing your IT support workflows and ensuring complete satisfaction for both you and your clients. Discover how our dedicated support can revolutionize your MSP’s help desk management, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.

Helping Leading MSP Providers in the United States
Accelerate Their Growth Since 2009


Can I evaluate the expert team before fully committing to outsourcing?
What is STAFFVIRTUAL’s vetting and recruitment process for ensuring the most qualified professionals?
How quickly can STAFFVIRTUAL scale my outsourced team?
How flexible is STAFFVIRTUAL in customizing services to fit my MSP’s specific needs?
How does STAFFVIRTUAL handle time zone differences?
What is STAFFVIRTUAL’s onboarding process?
How does STAFFVIRTUAL protect sensitive information?
What does STAFFVIRTUAL’s IT Infrastructure look like?
How does STAFFVIRTUAL handle data backup and disaster recovery?
What tools and technologies does STAFFVIRTUAL use to ensure efficient operations?
How do I ensure my outsourced team is productive?
What are the communication channels available between STAFFVIRTUAL and clients?
How can I reach STAFFVIRTUAL for support at any time, and what level of support is provided for MSPs?
How does STAFFVIRTUAL ensure MSPs receive continuous support and feedback?
How long does it take for STAFFVIRTUAL to set up my remote team?
Am I allowed to give incentives to my outsourced employees?

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MSP Help Desk Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How experienced is STAFFVIRTUAL in providing MSP Help Desk services?

STAFFVIRTUAL prides itself with over 15 years of experience in delivering specialized BPO services, with a strong focus on MSP Help Desk support. We are dedicated to offering high-quality services that surpass our clients’ expectations, ensuring every IT issue is resolved with precision and expertise. Learn more About Us here.

Is outsourcing MSP Help Desk support cost-effective for MSP businesses?

Yes, partnering with STAFFVIRTUAL allows MSP businesses to significantly reduce overhead costs, such as additional office space and employee benefits, while ensuring 24/7 support coverage. This strategic decision is a cost-effective alternative to expanding in-house operations, optimizing resources and enhancing service delivery efficiency.

Can STAFFVIRTUAL customize MSP Help Desk services to fit my specific business needs and budget?

Certainly. We excel in our ability to adapt our MSP Help Desk services to meet your exact business requirements and budgetary considerations. Our goal is to provide you with personalized support designed to improve your IT support operations and propel your business forward.

What types of tasks does STAFFVIRTUAL handle as part of its MSP Help Desk services?

Our expert team efficiently manages a wide array of IT support tasks, from simple troubleshooting and user support to complex technical issue resolution, including system monitoring, security assessments, software updates, and network management. We ensure your IT support needs are met promptly and effectively.

How quickly can STAFFVIRTUAL set up my MSP Help Desk services?

We prioritize rapid and effective service implementation. Your customized MSP Help Desk team can be fully operational within two to three weeks, integrating seamlessly with your existing operations to bolster your IT support capabilities. Contact us today!

Does STAFFVIRTUAL offer multi-channel support for its MSP Help Desk services?

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive support across various communication channels, including phone, email, and chat, to accommodate your and your clients’ preferences, ensuring high satisfaction levels throughout the support experience.

What technology does STAFFVIRTUAL use for MSP Help Desk Services?

We use the latest BPO technologies, incorporating advanced CRM systems, ticketing platforms, and remote monitoring and management tools to deliver exceptional service. Our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology ensures efficient and accurate issue resolution.

Is STAFFVIRTUAL proficient with the tools and software commonly used by MSPs?

Yes. Our solutions are scalable, and we engage in strategic planning to ensure your MSP receives unwavering support, especially during peak demand times. Our team is proficient with a wide range of MSP-specific tools and software, maintaining high-quality support services without interruption.

How does STAFFVIRTUAL approach capacity planning and network growth strategies for MSPs?

Our approach includes regular reviews of network usage, trend analysis, and capacity forecasting. We collaborate with MSPs to plan and implement strategies for network expansions and upgrades, supporting their growth.

What training does STAFFVIRTUAL provide its MSP Help Desk specialists?

Our specialists receive thorough training to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge for high-quality MSP Help Desk support. This includes familiarity with common MSP tools, cybersecurity best practices, and customer service excellence. Ongoing training ensures our team stays updated on the latest IT trends and technologies.

Can STAFFVIRTUAL’s services scale to support the growth of my MSP business?

Yes. Our MSP Help Desk services are designed to flexibly adapt and scale with your business growth, ensuring you receive comprehensive support that evolves with your expanding needs.

How does STAFFVIRTUAL ensure its team is knowledgeable about my MSP operations?

Through detailed onboarding, regular training, and updates, our team becomes closely acquainted with your MSP’s operations, tools, and services. This deep understanding ensures aligned and effective support for every IT issue encountered.

What security measures does STAFFVIRTUAL implement to protect sensitive information?

We implement data protection measures, including secure data handling practices and the use of advanced security technology, to safeguard all sensitive information related to your MSP operations and clients.

Can STAFFVIRTUAL seamlessly integrate with my existing MSP workflows?

Yes. Our team is skilled at adapting to and integrating with your MSP’s current workflows, ensuring a smooth collaboration and integration for optimal IT support coordination.