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STAFFVIRTUAL offers innovative outsourcing for business development, enabling growth and opportunities.

Our team of skilled experts is prepared to improve your company’s market standing, grow your clientele, and forge valuable alliances. Are you attempting to grow your company? Business Development Outsourcing offered by STAFFVIRTUAL is your key to unmatched success and progress. We understand that company growth is an intricate process that calls for a thorough knowledge of markets, a calculated approach to partnerships, and a tireless search for opportunities. You can be sure that STAFFVIRTUAL is on your team, and that your growth goals are in good hands.

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Benefits of Working with STAFFVIRTUAL

How our clients benefit from having a Business Dev team in the Philippines

Choose STAFFVIRTUAL as your trusted Business Development Outsourcing partner.

Expertise and Experience

STAFFVIRTUAL excels in cultural understanding, legal compliance, market insights, customized strategies.
STAFFVIRTUAL’s business development expertise benefits international clients by providing in-depth insights and strategic advice tailored to global sectors and markets. The team’s expertise ensures tailored solutions for each customer’s unique needs.

They help international clients avoid cultural misunderstandings, adapt marketing strategies, and tailor products or services to local preferences. With extensive experience in international business development, they minimize legal risks, analyze market trends, and tackle hurdles during market entry for success in international expansion.

Accelerated Market Entry

STAFFVIRTUAL offers services to expedite market entry for international clients.
With local expertise, market entry strategies, effective partner identification, go-to-market planning, and rapid adaptation, clients can bypass the learning curve and establish operations quickly. STAFFVIRTUAL’s network of contacts and experience in forging strategic partnerships helps clients connect with potential partners aligned with their objectives.

We also assist in creating a well-structured go-to-market plan that optimizes resources, minimizes risks, and accelerates market penetration. By leveraging STAFFVIRTUAL’s expertise, clients can quickly adapt their products, services, and marketing messages to suit local preferences and compete with established players.

Strategic Partnerships

STAFFVIRTUAL helps international clients form strategic partnerships, influence power dynamics, and access new markets.
Our extensive network of industry contacts and potential partners allows international clients to connect with key players in their target markets. STAFFVIRTUAL’s team excels in identifying potential synergies, leading to mutually beneficial partnerships that drive innovation, market expansion, and cost-sharing opportunities.

The streamlined partnership process saves time and effort for international clients, while strategic partnerships often grant access to untapped markets, allowing them to expand their reach and customer base more efficiently.

We help our clients optimise the profitability and scalability

“One of the things I tell Hong Kong entrepreneurs is that we really should take advantage of this great resource. In the Philippines we can double or triple our team for less than half the cost than it would be here in Hong Kong… to be able to count on STAFFVIRTUAL to shorten that to a few days and get a team up and started, it was just the smart thing to do”

Max ArmbusterCEO, TalkPush

“STAFFVIRTUAL is so far ahead of the curve when it comes to remote staffing in the Philippines. “

Buckley BarlowCEO, In The Know

“The cost savings of STAFFVIRTUAL is very dramatic, although I would say it’s not the primary reason. The primary reason we use them is for the quality of the people we get. However, the cost savings are obvious on paper and easy to justify… I think STAFFVIRTUAL works very well for any fast growing company that is looking to expand their core services”

Eric HowardCOO, CM Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Development Outsourcing?

A strategic relationship with outside professionals who are in charge of locating growth possibilities, forming business partnerships, and enhancing your market presence is known as business development outsourcing. Businesses can concentrate on their core capabilities while gaining access to specialist expertise for quick expansion.

How does STAFFVIRTUAL handle communication and collaboration with clients?

STAFFVIRTUAL’s employees receive extensive training and ongoing support to ensure they have the skills and knowledge needed to provide high-quality outsourcing services. rnrnThe company provides regular training sessions, performance monitoring, and feedback mechanisms to ensure that its employees are delivering top-quality work and meeting clients’ expectations.

Can STAFFVIRTUAL assist in entering international markets?

Absolutely! STAFFVIRTUAL is the best choice for supporting your company’s expansion into foreign markets because of their global expertise and network of partners. They handle racial disparities, legal requirements, and market factors to promote easy market participation.

How does Business Development Outsourcing differ from sales outsourcing?

Business development outsourcing is focused on locating prospects for expansion, developing business plans, and establishing alliances. On the other side, sales outsourcing focuses on carrying out sales activities and closing deals. They have diverse roles in promoting corporate growth despite being complementary.

How do I get started with STAFFVIRTUAL’s Business Development Outsourcing services?

Get started with your outsourcing journey in just 4 easy steps! Schedule a free intro call with STAFFVIRTUAL today. To effectively meet your business goals, we will start with a thorough introductory consultation to fully understand your company’s objectives. Get ready to start a thrilling journey toward business success and accelerated growth!


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