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  • Startups

    Virtual assistant, Customer service, Administrative support

  • E-Commerce

    Product listing and management, Customer service, and Technical support

  • Legal

    Legal research, Administrative support, and IT support

  • Technology

    Software Development, Network Administration, Data Management, and Cybersecurity

  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

    Back-office support, Sales support, Network and system administration, and Helpdesk support

  • Property Management

    Tenant Support, Property Marketing, and Virtual Assistants

  • Healthcare

    Medical billing and coding, transcription, and Telemedicine support

  • Travel

    Reservations and booking, Customer service, and Back-office support

  • Logistics

    Supply chain management, Customer service, and Back-office support


Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Reduce labor costs and scale your MSP business with STAFFVIRTUAL’s outsourcing solutions.
The Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry is constantly evolving, and MSPs face numerous challenges to stay competitive. STAFFVIRTUAL offers outsourcing solutions that cater to the unique needs of MSPs.

Our IT professionals provide technical support, helpdesk, and network administration. We offer back-office support such as bookkeeping and data entry, freeing up resources for MSPs to deliver quality services. Our solutions reduce labor costs and help MSPs stay competitive in the industry.


The Philippines is a leading destination for outsourcing IT services, and for a good reason.
The country offers a vast pool of highly skilled and educated IT professionals, fluent in English and well-equipped to perform various tasks such as software development, data management, cybersecurity, etc.

IT companies can maximize their resources by having a team work around the clock given the 12-hour time difference between the Philippines and the US. We offer 24/7 support which is a necessity in the IT industry. Outsourcing is a smart choice for IT companies seeking to become more efficient, scalable, profitable, and resilient.


Providing exceptional customer service is essential to the success of your e-commerce business.
The Philippines is known for its highly skilled e-commerce workforce, with many representatives fluent in English. Since English is one of the country’s official languages, communication will be seamless.

Our e-commerce representatives work around the clock to ensure that your e-commerce customers’ needs are met. Whether it’s a simple inquiry or a complex e-commerce problem, they are ready to provide top-notch customer service. We provide exceptional e-commerce customer support, outsource to our representatives from the Philippines.


Startups organizations are encountering unheard-of difficulties, but we can help them get past these barriers.
Startups may consider outsourcing to the Philippines for many reasons such as, cost effectiveness, skilled and English-proficient workforce, cultural compatibility, and most importantly, business-friendly policies. These can help them integrate their growth team into their current operations easily.

Outsourcing to the Philippines may be a viable choice for startups looking to expand their operations, cut costs, and access a skilled workforce. By partnering with a reputable outsourcing provider, startups can achieve their growth goals.


We can help law firms reduce operating costs significantly through outsourcing.
Labor costs in the country are up to 50% lower than in the US, Europe, and other developed countries, making it a cost-effective legal services option for law firms. By outsourcing legal work, law firms can save money on salaries, employee benefits, office space, and equipment, which translates into higher profitability for law firms.

We offer a massive pool of highly skilled and educated legal professionals, fluent in English and well-equipped to perform various tasks such as legal research, document review, and transcription.


Filipino nurses and healthcare professionals are indeed a force to be reckoned with in the global medical industry.
Outsourcing healthcare services to the Philippines is popular due to its skilled, English-fluent workforce, lower costs, and ideal time zone. Filipino healthcare professionals are qualified to perform medical and administrative tasks like coding, billing, transcription, and telemedicine.

The healthcare industry is a vital sector that requires constant support to ensure the wellbeing of patients. STAFFVIRTUAL offers outsourcing solutions that cater to the unique needs of healthcare providers.


Hiring a growth team in the Philippines with STAFFVIRTUAL can be a game-changer for your logistics company.
The logistics industry is an essential sector that requires efficient and timely support to ensure the smooth movement of goods and services. STAFFVIRTUAL offers outsourcing solutions that cater to the unique needs of logistics businesses.

Our experienced team provides logistics and supply chain management services, such as inventory management, order processing, and transportation planning. Our logistics professionals are trained to handle complex logistics operations, ensuring timely and cost-effective deliveries.


We can help the travel industry by providing outsourcing solutions that address the industry’s unique challenges.
In the travel industry, meeting customer expectations and managing costs are essential for success. Our team of travel experts can provide customer service support for bookings, itinerary planning, and inquiries, ensuring that customers receive personalized and prompt service.

Our outsourcing solutions are customizable to meet the unique needs of travel businesses of all sizes. With STAFFVIRTUAL, travel businesses can improve their customer service, expand their reach, and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Property Management

Property management companies encounter many kinds of difficulties, and our services are geared to meet their particular requirements.
STAFFVIRTUAL provides outsourcing solutions for Property Management, including virtual assistants, tenant support, digital marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, maintenance coordination, and lower labor costs. This helps property managers focus on core responsibilities, attract clients, and fill vacancies faster.

Outsourcing property management tasks streamlines operations, increases efficiency, and saves labor costs. STAFFVIRTUAL’s expertise helps property management businesses improve tenant satisfaction, optimize financial management, and grow in a competitive market.

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