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The Philippines is the world’s #1 Outsourcing Destination

The Philippines Advantage

Save 70% or more on labor costs!

The Philippines stands as the world’s top outsourcing destination, thanks to its first-rate educational system, affordable labor costs, and native English- speaking workforce. Outsourcing to the Philippines can revolutionize your business, making it more efficient, scalable and profitable that ever before!


Save 70% or more on labor costs by outsourcing to the Philippines.
Cost-savings has always been the #1 driver of outsourcing. The cost-savings from outsourcing can be tremendous, and easy to justify. Processes outsourced to the Philippines can usually be done for a fraction of the cost than back home.

Our clients routinely save 70% or more on labor costs by partnering with us. Many clients tell us they can often hire multiple people in the Philippines, for the cost of hiring one domestically.

Fluent English Speakers

Filipinos are fluent in English due to a combination of historical, educational, and cultural factors.
The Philippines stands as one of the world’s largest English-speaking nations and the most Westernized country in all of Asia.

English was introduced by Americans in the 1900s, and became institutionalized in the Philippines through a mass education program. Used as the sole medium of instruction until the late 20th century, English permeated all aspects of Filipino life.

Modern Infrastructure

Manila and Cebu are major outsourcing hubs, yet numerous provincial locations also excel in delivering outsourcing services.
With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines needs efficient, modern IT and power infrastructure to maintain its outsourcing industry leadership and drive socio-economic growth.

The Philippines boasts a robust, advanced IT infrastructure, top-notch facilities and cutting-edge technology, making it an ideal location for outsourcing services.

Strong Government Support

The Philippine government recognizes the potential for economic growth through strategic infrastructure investments.
BPO is the sunrise industry in the Philippines and a massive reason why the middle class is growing. Consequently, the government strongly supports the industry with incentives and policies to attract foreign investors.

These efforts have paid off big time. Today, over two million Filipinos work in the BPO industry, which contributes approximately $38 billion to the economy each year, making it the largest industry in the nation.

Enhance Flexibility

Outsourcing to the Philippines greatly enhances your company’s agility and flexibility.
For example, you can easily ramp up or down your workforce to match seasonal demand fluctuations, or operate 24/7, by building a team in the Philippines. Your business can now operate at nights, weekends, even on Christmas morning.

This newfound flexibility and agility offers a significant competitive edge to your business, enabling you to respond swiftly to market changes and customer needs, 365 days a year.

Reduce Risk

The USA, along with numerous other developed nations such as Canada, the UK, and Australia, have a high propensity for litigation.
Numerous C-Suite executives in developed countries face the looming threat of frivolous employer- related lawsuits from their in-house staff. Many companies are victimized by these law suits. One bad hire can destroy a business.

However, choosing to hire abroad through an outsourcing partner effectively eradicates this risk altogether because all legal liabilities are transferred entirely to the outsourcing provider = thereby shielding your business from potential litigation concerns.

Sharpen Focus

As our CEO Ike Stranathan says, “Focus on what you do best, and outsource the rest”. Outsourcing your non-core competencies can allow you to focus on developing and growing your business.
Time is our most precious commodity, and must be used wisely. Every hour spent on low-level or mundane tasks by you or your in-house employees is an hour lost on high-level activities that really move the needle.

By outsourcing, you can focus on innovation, strategy and sales, freeing yourself from mundane tasks and their associated problems that don’t contribute much to the bottom line.

Improve Customer Service

Every C-Suite Executive understands the importance of customer services, whether they have a B2B company or a B2C business.
Customer service is critical because it shapes the perception of your brand, fosters customer loyalty, and directly impacts your bottom line.

With an offshore team in the Philippines you will be able to delight your customers in ways that previously wouldn’t have been possible, driving your C-SAT and your NPS scores to new heights.
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Range of Services

The Philippines continues to provide the highest quality of customer service.
The outsourcing industry has expanded significantly since the pandemic, particularly in the Philippines.

There is no denying that the Philippines provides a wide range of outsourcing services. You name it: web development, IT, marketing, and customer service. We’re doing a lot more professional services nowadays.

Broad Pool of Talents

Millions of recent graduates enter the workforce each year.
One of the lucrative industries in the Philippines where recent graduates might apply is outsourcing. This allows the outsourcing companies access to a broad talent pool, including both fresh and experienced expertise as well as some more conventional talent.

While there was a decrease in demand in some industries such as travel and hospitality, there was increased demand in several areas like, healthcare), transactions process, content moderation, network services, cybersecurity, workplace modernization, etc. (Source: IBPAP)


Cultural barriers? We don’t know them!
Despite having a unique culture, the Philippines is renowned for being a culturally adaptable and diverse nation. The country has a long history of absorbing influences from other countries, and a strong emphasis on hospitality and respect for others has contributed to the openness and lack of cultural barriers in the country.

The Filipino population’s familiarity with English and Western culture also contributes significantly to lowering cultural barriers. STAFFVIRTUAL is proudly a multicultural organization!

Fixed Costs

As any CFO and they will tell you the dangers of variable costs. Variable costs expose your business to financial instability, hindering long-term planning and profitability.
Outsourcing to the Philippines converts variable costs to fixed ones, ensuring consistent expenses for designated services or tasks.

With STAFFVIRTUAL, you’ll pay a flat monthly fee per employee, eliminating any surprises in your expenses. You’ll benefit from improved budgeting, lower financial risks, and focused resources on initiatives that drive growth.

Eliminate Healthcare Costs

Your business may grapple with skyrocketing healthcare costs for your in-house employees. This poses a significant financial threat and jeopardizing your long-term profitability.
Health insurance premiums, HSA/FSA contributions, vision and dental packages, and COBRA continuation coverage costs, they all add up quickly.

Outsourcing to the Philippines future-proofs your business by transferring the responsibility of employee healthcare costs to the outsourcing company. This transition also reduces administrative burdens, so you can focus on core business priorities.

Work / Life Balance

Time is an invaluable asset, and the one treasure we can never reclaim once lost. There’s nothing more precious than time spent with family, friends, our kids, or engaging in our passions like golf, hunting or travel.
No one ever seems to have enough hours in the day, and people increasingly find themselves working longer and longer hours. For many, the 40 hour workweek is a distant memory.

By offloading tedious, repetitive tasks to your Philippines team and effectively delegating individual processes, or even entire departments, you can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency while improving your work-life balance.

Greater Access to Talent

Talent is the lifeblood of any company, yet it remains elusive, scarce, highly sought-after and expensive. Especially technical talent. For many business owners, finding and retaining talent is increasingly challenging.
Philippine universities produce throngs of hungry, skilled workers every year. The Philippines boasts a rich history of outsourcing spanning over three decades.

Adopting a global approach to talent acquisition ensures business growth by accessing diverse skill sets and perspectives unavailable domestically, with Filipinos renowned for their exceptional loyalty.
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