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Outsourcing Ressembles Marriage
Outsourcing Resembles a Marriage:

10 Ways Outsourcing in Other Country is Like a Marriage

Outsourcing in other country has become the norm for doing business nowadays. In fact, all industries now outsource in some capacity. It’s because companies have realized that by delegating its business tasks to third parties or outsourcing companies they’ll not only cut down on operational or management costs, but they will be able to focus their time and energy on the most essential functions as well.

When you look at it, outsourcing is about finding the perfect partner. It’s finding someone who shares your dreams and goals, and will support whatever you do all the time. Sounds romantic? Well, just keep in mind outsourcing is a business partnership. But there are certain aspects of outsourcing that are similar to another kind of partnership – marriage.

Here are 10 ways outsourcing is like a marriage:

  1. Communication is key
Communication is key

Good communication is essential to improving any relationship. For couples, good communication exists when they talk freely, openly, and feel safe sharing their most private thoughts. As for business partners, it’s not just about sending off an email, a text message, a tweet or Facebook message. It’s about making sure that what you want to be understood is indeed understood, then responding and starting a real conversation to ensure you’re both on the same page.

  1. Mutual attraction exists

Physical attractiveness is what usually first draws couples to each other. It also plays a big part on their marital satisfaction. This goes the same with business partners. The client is drawn or attracted to an outsourcing company who has appealing traits such as credibility, experience and can give the most benefits.

  1. Unwavering trust in each other
Unwavering trust in each other

It is often said that trust is the foundation of any relationship. Typically, trust is established and maintained prior to marriage, to help set up the couple for a successful marriage. In business, outsourcing companies can’t just say “Trust me” to their prospective clients. They must provide a clear and concise explanation about why they should be picked over other companies and make them see that they are a reputable company. Furthermore, they must be able to make clients and customers believe that their business or any sensitive information will be handled with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

  1. Goals are set

Married couples who set goals are likely to experience a happy and fulfilling marriage. They identify short-term and long-term goals and in the process get to learn more about their mate. As for business partners, they understand the inherent value of goal setting in steering a growing business in the right direction by setting achievable goals and mapping out the most effective ways to do them.

  1. Adaptable to changes

Adaptability is important in marriage because it offers the ability for each spouse to grow and change their roles based to what is currently happening. In business partnerships, adaptability is needed because we live in an era of risk and instability. They must be able to adjust their approach or actions in response to changes in your external environment. In short, plan for the unexpected.

  1. Always optimistic

Married couples who are optimistic experience greater success in problem solving. It’s because optimism allows each individual to contribute efficient coping strategies, and higher levels of cooperation. The business-minded must be optimistic since venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, everyone will face obstacles along the way. To be successful, entrepreneurs need enormous level of positive thought.

  1. Willing to accept mistakes
A man with glasses looking at laptop

All humans are bound to make mistakes, including married couples and business partners. A common mistake for married couples is making assumptions or trying to mind-read rather than being transparent. As for business partners, ignorance of mundane details or lack of serious discussions often lead to arguments. The best thing to do is to accept mistakes and see them as learning experiences so as not to fall into the same habits.

  1. Honesty above all else

Honesty’s importance is best seen in building and maintaining valuable relationships. For married couples, honesty gives them a sense of security and helps them become more emotionally bonded. This goes the same for business partners, excluding the emotional aspect. The client will be more keen on its selection of an outsourcing company if they sense it’s not making false promises with its product or service.

  1. Committed

Commitment in marriage is not just about saying marriage vows or having a piece of paper that says “marriage license”. It’s all about seeing things through the good and bad. This also applies in business, as there will always be problems or obstacles in a new venture. The important thing is to tough it out and develop tailored and adaptable solutions that work.

  1. Loyal

Loyalty in a marriage is expressed not only through faithfulness in oath, engagements or obligations to your spouse, but through commitment and giving priority to your spouse above all else. As for business, loyalty to a business partner is shown through the efforts, works and sacrifices put in making the client feel the first and only concern at all times.

It’s clear to see that in any kind of relationship everyone involved wants a smooth sailing experience. The fact is, it’s impossible! The best they can do is be on the same boat and be prepared to face the ups and downs to significantly increase the possibility of a successful and lasting relationship.

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