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Learn How STAFFVIRTUAL Can Transform Your Sales Process!

Telesales Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

Telesales Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines are radically changing the way companies sell. Telesales Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines are being used by all sorts of companies around the world for a variety of reasons. Here are nine reasons why companies are outsourcing their telesales to the Philippines.

Below are nine reasons justifying, why outsourcing your telesales to a specialist will be the best sales decision you can make:

  1. Market changes rapidly – You need to understand that the market changes rapidly. This is why you need to make sales immediately to understand the mood of the market. You will want to know that setting up professional telesales takes several years of refinement, learning, management skills, and lot of investment.
  2. It is their specialization – When something is not your specialization, then you might not be able to succeed in executing it. Whereas outsourced telesales companies in the Philippines are specialist in their tasks and know how to give you results in better productivity and higher efficiency.
  3. Human resources – You will be amazed to know that telesales needs very quality talent. Many HR departments receive thousands of resumes of which a few people are hired. It’s not easy to find good telesales agents. It is a professional task that needs lot of training and skill and experience.
  4. Compliance, ethics and consumer protection – Compliance is a very important consideration as far as insurance telesales goes because of the privacies, consumer protection, and FAIS legislation.
  5. Developments in technology – There is no doubt that technology is developing with each passing day. This makes it extremely hard to keep track of latest innovations happening in the telesales market. When you are using out dated methods, software, or hardware you can damage your peformance.
  6. Importance of data and analytics – The field of telephone sales is heavily dependent on data insights which enable them to sell products by calling up right clients and giving them the information which they want to hear.
  7. The beauty of making a sales script – A sales script has to be well researched, written, and analyzed before being used. There has to be refinement to ensure that you do not allow your sales team to make calls which end up nowhere.
  8. Importance of flexibility – Using an outsourced provider, you can ensure flexibility. Perhaps, they have may have had experience in handling similar marketing campaigns.
  9. The idea of cost – Cost comes with three factors which are expertise, time, and money. Unless all the three are used wisely, you are not going anywhere with your marketing campaign.
Telesales Outsourcing

STAFFVIRTUAL is a leading telesales outsourcing company in the Philippines.

Below is a generic breakdown of our process (generic as we tailor each process depending on client):

  1. Ideal Customer Profile – we work with you to decide exactly who are you targeting and what buyer persona you are looking to sell to; job titles, industry, company size, location etc.
  2. Build Lists – we build an accurate list of these prospects with a systemized approach to contact and qualify them.
  3. Enhance Lists – we research relevant information about your prospects to give you a better chance of closing the leads we give to you. One piece of info can make the difference between a close and a lost sale.
  4. Outreach – we create and execute personalized email sequences to reach out to your prospects, with tailored follow ups and responses, coupled with emails. We will email, call, email, call until we get through to the decision maker (DM).
  5. Deliver Leads – you receive warm and hot leads directly into your inbox daily, you hust have to close the deal!
  6. Insights – We keep track of all sales KPIs so you don’t have to, and deliver reports with pinpoint accuracy on a regular basis to measure our performance, fine tuning the program as we go along.

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Telesales Outsourcing Companies
Learn How STAFFVIRTUAL Can Transform Your Sales Process!

Telesales Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

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