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Guestwiser saved $650K over 3 years by working with STAFFVIRTUAL

  • 80%

    Increase in Guest

  • 95%

    of Reviews are 5-Star

  • 85%

    Reduction in Customer
    Service Costs

  • 4x

    Increase in Guest
    Retention Rates

  • 60%

    Reduction in Average
    Guest Inquiry Response Time

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    Hospitality and Property Management

An innovative property management company specializing in personalized lodging experiences. GuestWiser manages a diverse portfolio of properties across Texas, Tennessee, and California, offering guests a "home away from home" with a range of accommodations, including rental homes, apartments, and specialty stays. Their services are designed to ensure guests enjoy their comfortable, memorable vacations with round-the-clock support and exceptional customer service.

Project Summary

GuestWiser is a property management company based in Los Angeles, California. GuestWiser needed help with customer support, especially after hours. As they found a growing success with STAFFVIRTUAL, GuestWiser asked for even more support. This included finding the best employees, creating training for them, and making their work processes better. Their main goal was to make guests feel like they were staying in a second home.

The Challenge

GuestWiser's goal was to provide continuous, quality support without compromising service or inflating costs.

Decline in Guest Engagement

GuestWiser was seeing fewer direct bookings and inquiries from guests. This drop was happening during their busiest seasons as well as the slower ones and was also affecting how often guests would come back.

Customer Support After Hours

Their customer support system wasn’t keeping up with guest questions and bookings outside of regular business hours. This led to delays and a pile-up of unanswered queries, which in turn increased costs and made guests less satisfied.

Varied Guest Experiences

Without a clear, company-wide plan for how to manage properties & assist guests, GuestWiser was delivering inconsistent service. This lack of consistency gave guests mixed experiences & didn’t live up to the company’s high standards of service.

How We Helped GuestWiser

Enhanced Customer Support

STAFFVIRTUAL addressed the after-hours support gap by implementing a 24/7 customer service team. This dedicated team was able to respond to guest inquiries promptly, ensuring no question went unanswered, regardless of the time it was asked.


Service Team

Talent Acquisition & Training

STAFFVIRTUAL utilized its extensive recruitment network to onboard customer service professionals adept in hospitality. Comprehensive training programs were developed to align these professionals with GuestWiser’s service standards and values.


training programs

Operational Streamlining

By introducing a standardized operational framework, we ensured consistent service delivery across all GuestWiser properties. This not only improved guest experiences but also streamlined processes, making the overall service more efficient.


Standardized Operational

Cost Management

Through strategic outsourcing and process optimization, we significantly reduced operational expenditures. The deployment of a skilled offshore team resulted in lower costs without sacrificing the quality of guest support.



What We Achieved for GuestWiser

80% Increase in Guest

We dramatically improved the overall guest experience, as evidenced by a substantial rise in satisfaction metrics.

95% 5-Star Guest

Our efforts were reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback, with the majority of guests leaving top-tier reviews.

85% Reduction in
Customer Service Costs

Strategic improvements led to a significant decrease in expenses associated with customer support operations.

4x Increase in Guest
Retention Rates

Enhanced service quality and guest relations contributed to a notable increase in the rate of repeat stays.

60% Faster Response to
Guest Inquiries

The implementation of a dedicated 24/7 support team greatly accelerated the response time for guest communications.

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