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Novatech Case Study

Novatech's Technical
Team Grows by 1,600% with

With STAFFVIRTUAL's outsourcing strategies, Novatech expanded its technical support team by an impressive 1,600%, cut operational costs by 70%, and increased customer satisfaction levels significantly.

  • 1,600%

    Increase in technical
    team size

  • 70%

    Decrease in
    operational expenses

  • 3x

    Improvement in
    retention rates

  • 50%

    Reduction in average
    customer inquiry
    response time

  • 30%

    Increase in New
    Client Acquisition

  • 20%

    Revenue Increase

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  • Industry:


Novatech is an award-winning Managed IT Services and Technology Solutions provider in Nashville, Tennessee. With over 25 years of experience, Novatech has been a frontrunner in the Managed Office industry specifically in the East, Central, and Mid-Atlantic US markets.

Project Summary

Novatech, a Managed IT Services and Technology Solutions leader in Nashville, Tennessee, partnered with STAFFVIRTUAL to strengthen its IT support, especially after regular business hours. 

As this partnership progressed, Novatech’s needs evolved, requiring not only additional support but also the recruitment of top talent, development of targeted training, & improvement of their work processes. The goal was to ensure Novatech’s clients received continuous, high-quality IT support, seamlessly extending their internal capabilities.

The Challenge

Despite Novatech having a competent IT team and over two decades of industry leadership, the company faced several critical challenges as it sought to expand its services while adhering to its core principles of efficiency, simplicity, and innovation.

Expanding Service Capacity

The primary challenge for Novatech was to enhance its service offerings across various support levels (L1, L2, and L3) without compromising the high standards of customer support it was known for. This expansion was essential for maintaining competitive edge and client satisfaction.

Addressing Ticket Bottlenecks

An increasing volume of support tickets was leading to bottlenecks, adversely affecting response times and service quality. Novatech needed a strategy to manage these efficiently, ensuring that every client received timely and effective support.

After-Hours Support

With a growing global clientele, Novatech recognized the necessity for round-the-clock IT support to address client issues and requests outside of regular business hours, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Enhancing Performance Tracking

To sustain and improve service quality during this expansion, Novatech focused on establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for support representatives and developing a custom dashboard for real-time performance tracking.

Driving Revenue and Client Acquisition

Beyond addressing operational challenges, Novatech aimed to
increase its market share by attracting new clients and driving
revenue growth, necessitating the formation of a dedicated team
of Appointment Setters

How We Helped Novatech

Strategic Outsourcing and Team Expansion

STAFFVIRTUAL partnered with Novatech to develop a comprehensive two-year outsourcing strategy aimed at assembling a highly skilled 70-person remote team in the Philippines for around-the-clock technical support. This initiative was crucial for expanding Novatech's capacity to deliver consistent, high-quality IT support.


Increase in technical team size

Focused Recruitment & Tailored Training

Utilizing its broad talent network, STAFFVIRTUAL identified and recruited IT professionals with the necessary skills for Novatech's diverse technical support needs. Through customized training programs, these individuals were equipped to meet Novatech's exacting standards, ready to provide exceptional service at any hour, including nights, weekends, and holidays.


Improvement in customer
retention rates

Advanced Infrastructure & Tools Setup

To ensure the remote team could deliver top-tier service, STAFFVIRTUAL orchestrated the setup of specialized workstations outfitted with the latest technology. The effort included sourcing Senior Full Stack and Front End developers to enhance Novatech's network infrastructure, ensuring a robust support system for clients.


Reduction in average
customer inquiry
response time

KPIs and Performance Tracking

Critical to managing this expanded team was the establishment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the development of a custom dashboard for real-time tracking of performance metrics. This system was designed to ensure that team leaders could effectively monitor and guide the team's success in meeting Novatech's service goals.


Decrease in
operational expenses

Appointment Setters and Revenue Growth

To aid in Novatech's goal of driving revenue and acquiring new clients, STAFFVIRTUAL formed a team of dedicated Appointment Setters. This team was tasked with engaging potential clients, guided by stringent KPIs aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering a continuous improvement cycle.


Increase in New
Client Acquisition

Ensuring HIPAA Compliance

Acknowledging the importance of adhering to industry regulations, STAFFVIRTUAL ensured that the IT support team was fully HIPAA compliant, a crucial requirement for servicing Novatech's clients in the medical sector.


Revenue Increase

What We Achieved for Novatech

1,600% Expansion of the IT
Support Team

Together, we expanded Novatech's IT support capabilities exponentially, from a modest beginning to a powerhouse team, prepared to tackle any technical challenge presented by their clientele.

50% Decrease in Response
Times to Client Inquiries

The introduction of a dedicated 24/7 support team significantly improved Novatech's responsiveness, halving the average time taken to address and resolve client inquiries.

70% Reduction in
Operational Expenses

Our strategic initiatives led to a dramatic decrease in costs related to IT support functions, enabling Novatech to reallocate savings towards innovation and client acquisition strategies.

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