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Spread Holiday Cheer with Thoughtful Gifts

12 Thoughtful Gifts Ideas for BPO Employees in the Philippines

BPO Companies in the Philippines love celebrating Christmas. Let’s face it, Christmas is just about everyone’s favorite time of the year! The cool breeze, bright, twinkling lights, children singing carols, the bustling shopping malls, it is a very vibrant and fun time. Often the holidays bring out the best in us, especially when it comes to giving gifts.

Spread Holiday Cheer

Speaking of gift-giving, generous CEOs must not forget their outsourced workers. Playing “Santa” to dedicated and effective employees is not only a sincere way of saying “thanks”, but a motivation booster as well. Do you have workers in the Philippines? Are you wondering what to get them during the Holidays? We’ve come up with a great list to spare you from the difficulty and stress of shopping for outsourced workers in the Philippines.

Here are 12 terrific gift ideas for outsourced workers:

  1. Daily Planner
    In the age of smartphone calendars, paper planners may seem unpractical or irrelevant. But nothing beats the benefit of traditional paper and pen planners for those out of the blue moments when you need to write something really important, creative or ingenious without worrying about battery charge. Companies such as Erin Condren have fully customizable LifePlanners, check them out here.
  2. Subscription to Spotify Premium
    If you have an employee who always works with headphones such as an email support agent or a writer, this gift will have him or her smiling from ear to ear. The service, which Spotify sells in 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions, allows people to stream music from most popular artists on their mobile phones and without interruption from advertisers.
  3. Massage Gift Certificate
    Nothing can be better than gifting your employees with massage or spa gift cards to release tension and stress from the daily workload. Moreover, massages or spa treatments bring overall wellness to your employees – keeping them productive and motivated.
  4. Lunch or Dinner Treat
    Show your employees you care by treating them out to lunch or dinner. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy (think pasta or pizza). Plus, bringing the team together and having a casual conversation is a great way of helping everyone bond.
  5. Mug Warmer
    Employees who are deeply focused on fulfilling their tasks often don’t have the time to go to the pantry to get hot coffee. With a mug warmer, they can nurse the same cup of coffee for hours at a time and they never have to drink a lukewarm cup of coffee again.
  6. Personalized Pencils or Pens
    It may seem like a very practical gift but the added value of the personalization says so much. By personalizing, you give a memorable gift that they will treasure forever.
  7. Books
    Books are always a safe go-to gift. If you know your employers personally, select titles that you think are appropriate for their personality.
  8. Holiday Cookies or Cakes
    Who doesn’t love sweets? You can make them yourselves, or get them from the excellent bakeshops like Mrs. Fields, Red Ribbon and Tous Les Jours.
  9. Fitness Plan
    It’s important to remember that your most important assets are your employees. Giving free fitness plans to employees encourages them to improve their health and have an active lifestyle.
  10. Movie Tickets
    Give your film buff employee night at the movies. If you want to splurge, you can add some cash for snacks or dinner.
  11. Extra Vacation Day
    An additional paid vacation that can be used in the coming year is definitely a desirable gift any employee would want to receive. It allows employees another day to rest and relax with family and friends, and come back to work rejuvenated and more productive.
  12. Holiday Bonus
    A holiday bonus is a perfect way to reward employees who are dedicated and hardworking. Just remember to hand out bonuses in a fair manner, so bonuses don’t cause disgruntled feelings.

Spreading the holiday spirit to your employees through gift-giving is a nice gesture. To make it more heartfelt, take a bit of forwarding thinking and understand the recipient’s personality and tastes. Remember, it’s not how much you give, but how much love you put into giving.

These gifts would also work well for special occasions, such as birthdays. So if you appreciate the work of your staff in the Philippines, remember its always better to give than to receive.

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