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Best Outsourcing Company in the Philippines
Unveiling the Secret:

How to Find the Best Outsourcing Company in the Philippines

Its not easy to find a good outsourcing company in the Philippines, but there are some good tips and tricks to help you choose the correct outsourcing vendor.

Filipina Call Center Agent

For past few years, the Philippines had consistently earned top spots in Thelon’s Top 100 outsourcing destinations that ranks outsourcing destinations around the world. All sorts of businesses processes are being outsourced to the Philippines, from transcriptions to voice services, to non-voice “back office” tasks, such as data entry. Call center services make up the lion share of the outsourcing industry in the Philippines. Over 500,000 Filipinos are answering the phones every day for the biggest companies in the world.

Smart CEOs know that with outsourcing they can scale their business faster, reduce costs, and improve operational performance. So you’ve made up your mind and want to try outsourcing. Now comes the hard part, choosing the right company to work with!

Three considerations when finding a quality outsourcing company in the Philippines

  1. They must have a high rank in Google
    If a vendor you are considering working with does not rank high on Google, that’s a major red flag. Leading outsourcing companies in the Philippines ;invest money to make them visible on search engine results. They develop quality content that helps their customers and generates leads. If they have no content, or a shabby website, or a pagerank of zero, move on, this is not a credible company that has been around for years with a proven track record.
  2. These outsourcing companies should be active in social media
    Facebook and Twitter have become the most popular social channels that are used by billions of people every day. If a company you are considering does not actively use their social media this too is cause for concern. The top outsourcing companies in Philippines are very active on Facebook and Twitter because they must continually attract new clients, and new employees to join their ranks. If their social channels are not beautifully maintained and updated consistently, the company’s marketing and sales departments are not functioning properly. This too is a major red flag.
  3. These companies must have a Blog
    Nowadays, having a social channels and website is not enough, in order to rank high in search engines results and to continue dealing with your customers you must have an effective blog – like this one! You are reading this blog now because we know how to blog, and how to rank on Google, otherwise, you would not have found us. Search engines like it when a website has new content weekly and readers will find it easier to share. Reputable outsourcing companies in Philippines have a blog which is always updated regularly and designed to get shared on social media, this brings the great impression of being legitimate in eyes of your potential clients.

You “get what you pay for”, so don’t jump at the cheapest outsourcing provider. Go with the best who thinks long-term.

Find the Best Outsourcing Company

To find the best outsourcing companies in Philippines you must keep these three things in mind. Of course, in addition to looking at these three things it is wise to check the company’s references, and make sure they are financially solvent. Many outsourcing companies are fly by night, and will not be there for you when you need them most.

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