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Cutting-edge innovations in property management customer service outsourcing.
June 10, 2024

Innovations in Property Management Customer Service Outsourcing




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Did you know that, according to Harvard Business Review’s latest research, two-thirds of consumers feel that companies don’t adjust quickly enough to meet their needs? Consumers are more willing to change brands than ever before. Relevancy, dedication, and constant improvements — these are must-haves to succeed in the ever-competitive business landscape. 

With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and new technical developments, businesses can easily meet these expectations. To keep your edge against your competitors, it’s important to stay updated with these changes, so in this article, we’ll explore the latest innovations in Property Management Customer Service Outsourcing

Emerging Technologies in Outsourcing

Generative AI, a type of artificial intelligence, uses machine learning algorithms to generate original content like images, videos, and music. It has applications in data generation, creative work, and software development. To say the technology industry is making headlines would be an understatement: It seems like we simply can’t stop talking about them!

Automation, on the other hand, streamlines processes, reduces manual intervention, and minimizes errors, enhancing efficiency and productivity. When combined with generative AI, it enhances innovation and cost-effectiveness.

These AI-driven tools can respond to simple customer issues, allowing your customer service team to focus on complex interactions. By analyzing customer resolution data, AI can identify trends and accelerate bot training.

Customized Customer Service Solutions

Every customer has their own specific needs, especially in the property management industry. Knowing your customers will enable you to provide them with better service and fulfill their demands and expectations. That’s why it’s important to provide tailored solutions to your customers, and you can easily achieve this through outsourcing.

By leveraging these modern technologies, you can gather customers’ data and analyze it to provide the best service fit for their needs. These AI-driven assistants provide personalized, relevant answers across various channels, resolving customer issues faster and automatically summarizing complex support cases, thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Of course, privacy laws surrounding data security vary by state (as well as federal law). Companies need to adhere to regulatory standards to avoid hurting their clients and running afoul of the court system. Property managers have very busy schedules, so they often outsource legal services. Legal outsourced services might include contract management, document review, paralegal support, and more.

Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

Innovations ensure higher standards of data protection and regulatory compliance.

Outsourcing your customer service entails sharing sensitive and confidential information. Outsourcing providers usually have robust security measures in place, such as data encryption, comprehensive risk assessments, and regular audits.

Outsourcing providers can guide property management companies in implementing robust fraud detection systems, protecting sensitive information, and helping ensure a safe environment.

Remote Security Assistance

Remote monitoring and smart home technology aren’t only creating greener homes that are gentler on our environment. Technology can boost safety measures, too. For instance, smart locks and security systems enable guests to check in and out remotely, enhancing convenience and security for both guests and property managers.

Integration of Multichannel Support

Innovations in property management customer service outsourcing have revolutionized the way companies handle their operations, making the process more efficient and effective for everyone involved.

Advanced Customer Support (CS) technology is essential for companies with customer service and support. They offer numerous benefits, such as:

  • Faster response times
  • Efficient value delivery
  • Automation
  • Professional service experience
  • Simple system integration
  • Time savings

Here are some powerful technologies for seamless customer support:

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots handle customer interactions without assigning a representative, personalizing responses to common questions. These AI-powered tools can handle basic inquiries, reservations, and even provide information about local attractions. By automating routine tasks, property management companies can free up human agents to focus on more complex issues, leading to quicker response times and improved guest satisfaction.

  1. Live Chat

This feature can be easily installed through your website’s HTML structure. Live chat allows customers to communicate with customer service representatives without phone calls or offline communication.

  1. Help Desk

A help desk is a crucial technology system for your support crew. This enables them to manage, automate, and report on customer requests, questions, and concerns.

  1. Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is a crucial tool for customer service workers. It enables efficient communication in various languages and tones.

  1. Knowledge Base

Knowledge base software enhances customer self-help by providing a library of help articles. Rather than receiving repetitive questions, a knowledge base allows your customer service team to focus on unique and complex issues.

Sustainable and Responsible Outsourcing

Outsourcing companies that adopt green and sustainable practices can gain significant benefits in the era of environmental consciousness. These practices not only position outsourcing companies as socially responsible leaders but also lead to operational efficiencies and cost savings.

By working with outsourcing companies with social responsibility in place, you get to partner with a reliable provider with a good reputation who’s environmentally conscious and has less environmental impact.

Additionally, eco-friendly measures can result in cost savings, improved customer relations, and access to valuable information and events related to environmental protection and sustainability. Outsourcing companies partnering with green organizations can also help you stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in sustainability and beyond. 

Predictive Analytics in Customer Service

Data analytics provides a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior, enabling businesses to make informed decisions about customer acquisition strategies. By tracking customer behavior on websites and across various channels, businesses can identify which ones drive engagement and sales.

This data-driven approach helps in promoting products, focusing marketing efforts, and optimizing the customer experience. By identifying effective channels like social media, email marketing, and search engine advertising, marketing budgets can be allocated more effectively. This information can also be used to create targeted marketing campaigns, increasing the chances of acquiring new customers.

Through the power of technology, you can easily get access to these data-driven insights that are crucial for optimizing customer acquisition strategies, resulting in increased engagement and customer acquisition.

Case Studies: Innovative Outsourcing Success

Utilizing these innovative outsourcing strategies has been proven effective. 

Here are some of the success stories in property management outsourcing:

1. StripViewSuites

Outsourcing real estate processing is more popular than ever. It’s largely boosted by the influx of renters and the up-and-down housing market for buyers. The same phenomenon has made property management outsourcing equally as prevalent.

Established in 2015 by Alex Kostushin, StripViewSuites stands out as a comprehensive property management enterprise catering specifically to short-term vacation rentals. Leveraging extensive experience in real estate and property management, the company oversees a portfolio of properties in Las Vegas, presenting a compelling choice for both guests and property owners alike.

STAFFVIRTUAL’s recruitment proficiency made it possible to fill StripViewSuites’s customer service representative needs promptly. With round-the-clock operations, they experienced a notable uptick in booking rates and streamlined real-time efficiency.

2. GuestWiser

Based in California, GuestWiser is dedicated to offering guests a cozy atmosphere akin to home. Operating across three states, guests enjoy ample rest and continual assistance from on-site staff and cleaners with GuestWiser. 

GuestWiser’s “home away from home” is possible with exceptional service provided by STAFFVIRTUAL. STAFFVIRTUAL’s remote technology enhances 24/7 customer service by enabling agents to work from anywhere(in our case, the Philippines), ensuring consistent coverage. 

Through virtual communication tools, agents can promptly address inquiries, resolve issues, and provide support to customers regardless of their location. This flexibility and accessibility lead to improved responsiveness and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Companies are scrambling to get on the top of their CX game for a reason. Outsourcing customer experience is top of mind for most business leaders. Even in today’s uncertain economic climate, shoppers are willing to spend more if their shopping experience is pleasant and stress-free. 

Summary: Innovations in Property Management Customer Service Outsourcing

In summary, the property management business is seeing a paradigm shift in customer service due to the use of innovative technologies and outsourcing tactics. This development is helping companies meet changing customer expectations and maintain an advantage over their competitors.

Innovations in outsourcing have completely changed the property management industry by optimizing processes, strengthening decision-making, and increasing client satisfaction. 

However, we never want to forget the human element. It’s still important to find the right balance between utilizing technological innovation and being socially responsible when outsourcing.

Partnering with STAFFVIRTUAL offers numerous benefits, including access to cutting-edge technologies. We are proudly ISO 27001:2013 certified, which ensures compliance with best practices and principles, addressing risks related to data security in this modern age of technology. 

Book a call with us now and find out how the latest outsourcing innovations can give you the boost you’ve always wanted.


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