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For years CEOs have been asking the question “why outsource to the Philippines?” Outsourcing has become a proven employment strategy that helps CEOs develop a long term competitive strategy for success. The question going around now is not “why outsource to the Philippines?’ but “why not outsource to the Philippines?”. Despite has been controversial in the past, but it is a fact of life today. More and more CEOs ;are drawing up plans to outsource work to offshore locations. The trend is clearly in favor of outsourcing larger volumes of work.

Vendors are moving up the value chain to include in their service offering a range of additional services that require greater skills, research support and expertise. As offshore vendors become more streamlined and improvise on the outsourcing model, it is not difficult to see why outsourcing is here to stay.

Reasons for Outsourcing

The famous economist, Adam Smith, wrote in his classic treatise The Wealth of Nations, “If a foreign country can supply us with a commodity cheaper than we ourselves can make it, it is better to buy it of them.” Outsourcing as we know it today is merely an extension of this idea that has existed since the beginning of commerce.

Why Outsource Work to the Philippines?

Have you found yourself faced with any of the following doubts in recent times?

  • Are my in-house resources being utilized effectively?
  • Are my in-house resources capable of supporting new technology?
  • Can my business operate 24/7?
  • Is there a quicker, more effective method to handle processes other than by usin in-house resources?
  • Does my in-house team have the operational expertise to do the task assigned?
  • Are in-house employees working at things that truly add value?
why should I outsource

If you are asking yourself the question ‘why should I outsource’, consider the following top reasons for outsourcing cited by CEOs that have successfully made outsourcing work for them.

Strategic Reasons for Outsourcing to the Philippines

Focus on core functions: CEOs that outsource certain routine functions to offshore experts are capable of focusing on their core competency.

Redirect strategic internal resources for core activities: Outsourcing processes to outsourcing provider or external third party ensures that an organization’s internal resources are freed up for more mission-critical activities that add real value.

Accelerate migration to new technology: Outsourcing allows CEOs to make better use of their technology, and the company as a whole is better positioned to migrate to new and improved technologies.

Enhance risk management: In any outsourcing model the offshore partner supplements the operations of the outsourcing company with redundancies and back-up procedures that mitigate risk. BPO companies help CEOs rapidly respond to any risky situation or calamity, allowing them to get operations back on track quickly.

Lower infrastructure investments: CEOs that decide to outsource reduce their IT spend. By outsourcing these functions to external vendors, CEOs can keep their investments in these areas very minimal.

Access to world-class capabilities: Apart from the financial benefits associated, another big incentive for CEOs to outsource work to the Philippines is to have processes delivered by teams that have real operational expertise in the outsourced process. Outsourcing gives CEOs access to world-class capabilities and infrastructure in the outsourced function.

Tactical Reasons for Outsourcing to the Philippines

Control operating costs: One of the most talked about reasons to outsource to the Philippines is the low cost of labor. Processes outsourced to the Philippines can be done for a fraction of the cost than back home.

Improve operational performance: CEOs outsource to outsourcing vendors in the Philippines who have domain expertise in the outsourced process. Their experience in the field translates into greater operational efficiencies for the outsourcing company.

Talent shortages in countries like the USA and Singapore: One of the key reasons hy business process outsourcing is exploding is become of talent shortages in developed economies, especially in the IT and customer service. This acute talent shortage causes an increase in demand for outsourcing services.

Overcome seasonal work flows: Most companies are subject to seasonal fluctuations in work, and an ability to ramp up during the busy holiday season can be a major challenge for any CEO. By outsourcing to the Philippines companies can deal with peak workloads and poor staff strength during vacations and holidays.

STAFFVIRTUAL is a leading outsourcing company in the Philippines with a global footprint. Headquartered in Los Angeles, we have multiple delivery centers across the Philippines. With a solid track record going back to 2009, we make companies more efficient and profitable. Contact us for more information or to get a quote for our outsourcing services.

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