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Legal outsourcing, also commonly called legal process outsourcing (LPO) refers to the practice of a law firm or legal counsel within a corporation obtaining legal support services from an outside law firm or legal services company.

Legal processes that do not require face-to-face interaction, such as legal research, document review and writing, data entry, and patent services can be outsourced. Many firms are also outsourcing e-discovery to the Philippines. Other services that are can be outsourced include contract review and document review, CPA outsourcing, outsourcing software development as well as outsourcing legal software development to the Philippines. Other firms are in need of outsourcing litigation support and outsourcing administrative support services such as deposition digesting outsourcing, legal coding outsourcing, word processing, and proofreading, EDGAR filing, state filing, federal tax filing or business research. Still, others might need legal publishing or corporate minute books.

Legal Outsourcing involves contracting an external provider to perform a business function or service that was typically performed in-house, at a law firm. Many business functions performed at law firms, such as customer support, data entry, email response handling, social media marketing, research, technical support, human resources, and payroll are currently being outsourced. Legal Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines are benefiting from this wave, as more and more companies choose the Philippines over India.

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There are many reasons why law firms are outsourcing legal processes, but the most obvious advantage is cost savings. Most outsourcing companies are located overseas, where labor is much less expensive. This labor-cost arbitrage means that outsourcing providers are able to do the same work for considerably less money than doing it in-house.

Other reasons for outsourcing include:

  • Sharpen Focus of Firm
  • Enhance Access to Talent
  • Improved Quality
  • Creating Leisure Time
  • Best Practices
  • Risk Management
  • Change Catalyst
  • Cost Restructuring
  • Enhanced Innovation
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Improved Customer Service

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), if executed properly, can make a law firm more efficient, scalable, flexible and profitable, by reducing overhead and payroll costs. It also alleviates documentation bottlenecks and allows firms to increase their caseloads, often dramatically.

There are many reasons to outsource legal processes to the Philippines or outsource legal processes to India, but the most obvious advantage is cost savings. American firms are outsourcing to India and the Philippines as a cost-saving measure. Most outsourcing companies are located overseas, where labor is much less expensive. This labor-cost arbitrage means that outsourcing providers are able to do the same work for considerably less money than their in-house counterparts, savings which they pass along to their customers. For example, accountants and human-resource managers can often be eliminated, greatly reducing payroll costs.

Outsourcing is also called “staff leasing”. The staff-leasing agency charges a fee along with the employees’ wages, much like temporary employment agencies. This fee is often less than the cost of hiring human-resource experts and payroll accountants. Because workers are not considered employees of the company in a legal sense, personal injury and workers’ compensation claims become the responsibility of the virtual staff leasing agency. Most outsourcing providers are located offshore, in other countries where wages are less than that back home. The Philippines is one such country. Labor rates in the Philippines are extremely attractive as is their large, college-educated, English speaking workforce.

Since 2009, STAFFVIRTUAL has been providing quality LPO services from the Philippines, with special experience in Social Security and Immigration law. We have worked for law firms in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Contact us to learn more about our LPO services in the Philippines.

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