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Outsourced Inside Sales to the Philippines: 5 Reasons Why

Sales outsourcing may seem like a strange idea at the first glance since it is one of the most important aspects of your business, but of you do choose to handover at least a modicum of control to an outsourced partner in the Philippines, you will be astonished by the benefits that come your way.


Would you hand over your lead generation to someone else? While sales might seem like one of the most intimate and important parts of your business, handing over some of the control to an outsourced partner can lead to surprising benefits. Below, you will find 5 reasons why outsourced inside sales can be rewarding:

  1. The Need for a Strong Sales Team

Sales is the lifeblood of your. As a CEO, you need a solid sales process that can generate new leads, and you need to know how to close these leads for your business to grow. Your sales team’s performance is measured by how many deals they close, the contract value of those sales, and the amount of time it takes to close them. With sales, time is of the essence. Your in-house sales team may not have the time to go after all the leads it has. Oftentimes, salespersons just cherry pick the “best” leads, and ignore the less attractive ones.

Sales Team

CEOs now have two options to improve their sales teams. They can either do what they’ve always done and hire the people in-house, train them, and make them great salespersons, or they can hire already experienced salespersons from a sales outsourcing provider. . In other words, outsources inside sales. Sales outsourcing can be very beneficial when you don’t have the cash flow needed for conducting extensive training of your employees, nor the time and energy indulge in such a lengthy exercise.

  1. Cold calling and lead gen is not for you

There is a lot of time and effort required for conducting research, cold calls and developing database of your own customers and that of your competitors. Even if you don’t need to do all this, it still needs to be done. That is why you need to find a team that does all of this for you allowing you to pay attention to your own work.

  1. You want to meet with only the most important leads

When you are selling something, every prospective customer is important. It is also important to understand that every lead with not turn into a customer. Sales outsourcing allows you to differentiate between the ones that are important and the ones that are not so that you can give more time to the former. Outsourced inside sales offers you an opportunity to become free from setting up initial connections and only go after the ones that you know will culminate in sales.

  1. You want to give more time to the inbound leads

Outsourced inside sales allow you to have all the information regarding your potential leads so that you may connect with them and nurture them. The sale pipeline of your business will be further strengthened when you outsource some of these leads to your sales partner.

  1. Try sales techniques on for size

When you have successfully outsourced sales, you will the time to try new sales techniques. You will also have time to explore new horizons and markets for your sales. This way you will get feedback that will be invaluable for your future business prospects.

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