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Philippines outsourcing companies aren’t just answering the phones anymore and doing super stuff like transcriptions. Today, they are doing a dizzying array of technical and super cool things for companies of all shapes and sizes around the globe. From tech start ups to established Fortune 500 companies, Philippines outsourcing companies are offering diversified services that run the gamut. They are diversifying their abilities and going for more and more complex business processes that are higher up the value chain.

A Little History

Philippines outsourcing companies began a decade or so ago doing mostly super simple tasks, such as answering the phones or doing transcriptions. Today however, you can find a diverse array of companies doing all sorts of things you might not expect. Here are a few cool things you can outsource to the Philippines these days!

Make a Cartoon!

Animation Outsourcing on the Rise! Are you a producer who makes animation? Do you want to make the next Simpsons TV series? The Philippines has established itself as a major player in the animation outsourcing world. Studios and producers are cutting costs and hiring three animators for the price of one back “home”, and not losing quality. No wonder more and more people are considering the Philippines for outsourcing animation projects.

Grow your Law Firm!

Legal Process Outsourcing, or LPO, is on the rise in the Philippines as law firms and legal departments look to cut costs and become more efficient. LPO refers to the practice of a law firm or corporation obtaining legal outsourcing support services from an outside law firm or third party legal support services company, such as STAFFVIRTUAL. Typically your in-house lawyer has direct contact with your LPO provider. Many lawyers are discovery that setting up an LPO of their own is a great business opportunity. Legal process outsourcing has its roots from knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) industry.

AutoCAD Outsourcing

Philippines outsourcing companies focusing on AutoCad and on the rise. Computer Aided Drawing, or “CAD “for short, is ideal for outsourcing because the work can be performed remotely. These companies are doing all sorts of things such as:

  • CAD outsourcing
  • CAD drafting outsourcing
  • Architectural design outsourcing
  • Construction drawings outsourcing
  • Engineering drawings outsourcing
  • Steal drawing for fabrication outsourcing
  • Steel detailing outsourcing
  • HVAC design outsourcing

All type of AutoCad outsourcing to the Philippines is on the rise.

Companies across the world are outsourcing their CAD work to become more efficient and profitable.

Outsourcing dramatically cuts costs and improves processes.

IT Outsourcing

Companies in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, New Zealand, UK and the USA have been outsourcing IT project to the Philippines for some time now. The Philippinesis being talked about as an alternative to India as theIT Outsourcing destination of choice for the discerning CEO.

Information Technology

There are many drawbacks from outsourcing to India. Language issues are everywhere, and costs of labor are increasing quickly.

These issues have madethe Philippines the preferred local for IT outsourcing.

Tech giants like Uber and Facebook have been outsourcing to the Philippines for years.

Content Moderation Outsourcing

If you have a website that you must keep objectionable content off, you may very well need content moderation. People don’t want to see profane images, so you need a what is commonly called “content moderation”. The removal of disgusting material such as pornography and terrorist propaganda from your social media News Feeds is a business imperative for companies like Facebook. They employ thousands of content moderators who work around the clock to keep these images away from the eyes of your children. There are tens of thousands of Filipinos doing this. Entire floors of building are full of Filipinos making sure your kid doesn’t see something they shouldn’t.

The Philippines has long been the call center capital of the world, but it is slowly being recognized as a wonderful place to do other non-voice services as well.

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