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Real Estate Virtual Assistant (VA)

Real Estate Virtual Assistants (VAs) are changing the way Realtors work. When you are in the real estate industry, time is your most valuable asset. There are so many different things you need to do on a daily basis, this is where a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help you.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants (VAs), generally speaking, is someone you hire online to perform tasks for you. By delegating some of your work, you’ll have more time to focus on the most important aspects of your business. More and more realtors are using VAs that help them stay organized, get more listings, and close more deals. So what can a real estate virtual assistant do for you?

Real Estate Virtual Assistants (VAs) can Help Manage Your Business – As a real estate agent, you are always in a rush. Either showing the properties you have to interested buyers, scheduling all the meetings you’re going to have to new prospects, besides keep searching for new leads, either buyers and sellers, among so many other tasks. However, you need to be smart managing your time. You definitely want to dedicate more time to someone who will make you a higher commission, for example. So, when you hire a real estate VA, you can have her schedule your day, for example, or search for new leads and prospects, making sure every buyer and seller you are working with are happy with your work, among many other things.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants (VAs) Increase Your Productivity – One of the main tasks of a real estate virtual assistant is to help you manage your day and make sure your time is well spent on the most important things. Let your VA take care of removing spam emails in your inbox, or screening incoming calls for you. Your VA can also set appointments for you and make sure you are reminded to attend. Your VA should give you more time to focus on getting more listings, meeting more prospects and closing more deals!

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Virtual Assistants (VAs) Improve Your Work Quality – Use your VA to perform not so fun to do, minimal tasks such as organizing your listings of contacts, clients, and properties, or inputting data into your CRM. Perhaps you need a presentation in PowerPoint done, or a blog post written on your website, or your social media taken care of, there are so many ways your Real Estate VA can help you!

Real Estate Virtual Assistants (VAs) Improve Your Sales Conversion – Lead generation is extremely important in real estate. VAs who are working for realtors are doing things such as calling up home owners who are in foreclosure and asking if they have a realtor. If your VA finds you just one more deal per year they can easily pay for themselves.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants (VAs) Decrease Stress – You may be working 14 hours a day. However, how many of those hours are really productive? Work hours shouldn’t be measured in terms of quantity but in terms of quality. When you work fewer hours but you’re more productive, you’ll still have time for yourself and you’ll be filled with energy every day. Your VA an help you decrease stress and improve your overall work / life balance.

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