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Guidelines for choosing the right call center for property management support.
June 11, 2024

How To Choose the Best Call Center for Your Property Business




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According to Grand View Research, the business process outsourcing market should reach $525.2 billion by 2030. With this growing market, it might become harder to find the best provider for your business.

There’s no doubt that outsourcing brings many benefits to every business. Choosing the right Property Management Call Center is a big factor in the success of outsourcing. But we’re going to specifically talk about property businesses in this article.

With the growing and changing property industry, innovative outsourcing solutions are becoming more important. These services handle everyday questions, complex tenant management, and emergency responses. In this article, we will explore call center services for property businesses. This article also explains how it can enhance operations and keep customers happier.

Understanding the Role of Call Centers in Property Management

Call centers serve as tenants’ first point of contact. They handle everything from lease questions to maintenance requests and manage these interactions. Call centers also ensure that tenants get quick and quality responses. This way, property managers can dedicate more time to strategic tasks.

90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as essential when they have a customer service question. Call centers handle tenants’ calls for help, from lease questions to maintenance requests. They report urgent issues, such as water leaks or security concerns. Having a call center team ensures tenants get fast and good responses. It increases tenant satisfaction and safety, benefiting both property managers and residents.

Moreover, call centers contribute to tenant retention by enhancing communication. Updates about maintenance or changes in rules keep tenants in the loop and involved. When people can talk to each other, they build trust, which makes them more likely to repeat their leases. 

Also, integrating technology with call center operations can elevate the tenant experience, such as the use of CCTVs and smart door locks for security. These devices can help tenants feel safe and at ease.

Know what you need before choosing a call center for your real estate business.

Identifying Your Property Business’s Needs

It’s vital to know what you need before choosing a call center for your real estate business. First, consider whether you need 24/7 support. It’s important to do this if your properties are in different time zones or have tenants who need help at night. 

Next, assess if you need multi-lingual support to speak to other tenants. For example, if you have an Airbnb business, foreigners often stay there. You will need a call center that can talk to them. 

It’s essential to ensure the call center can use property management tools. Check if they can integrate their system into your internal process. You can choose a call center that handles your properties better if you know what you need.

Evaluating Call Center Services and Technology

Technology is also a factor when selecting call center services for your property business. According to Salesforce, technology makes it simple for customers to take their business to a competitor if needed. This highlights the importance of choosing a well-equipped call center. The call center must have a smooth integration process with your customer relationship management (CRM) system. They track interactions, requests, and other activities, helping your operations run smoothly. 

Call centers handle sensitive information and must put strong security measures. They know and follow rules for data protection and steps in place to stop data breaches. Data security builds trust by showing that you care about their information. Extra considerations include:

  • Scalability: Choose a call center that can scale its services as your business grows. They can continue to meet your needs without a drop in service quality. Scaling or expanding into new regions wouldn’t be a problem. Keeping your tenant support consistent and reliable contributes to tenant satisfaction.
  • Customization: Look for call centers that fit the needs of your tenants and the way you manage. Your call center takes care of it, whether you need premium service or need to solve a problem for rent.
  • Support Quality: Examine their support quality by checking how effective they are and how fast they resolve issues. A good call center addresses issues and satisfies your tenants. Having high-quality support enhances tenant relations.

Assessing Call Center Experience and Expertise in Property Management

Better service for your tenants can come from choosing a call center with experience. Specialized call centers know the problems of the business, so they can handle issues. They know terms that help them talk to your tenants.

Imagine a tenant calling about a confusing lease renewal issue. A call center agent who’s familiar with property management can understand and explain the process. Familiarity helps build a dependable and trustworthy relationship with them.

Call centers can address property management questions by citing trends and challenges. It helps them meet tenants’ needs and provide excellent service. Their communication builds trust, making your property management firm steady and effective.

Such call centers also adapt to changes in property management regulations. They stay informed about the laws and market trends to remain compliant. It is crucial to maintain high service standards and avoid legal issues.

Imagine your property management firm has a new policy update due to changes in rental laws. Confused tenants call about how these changes affect their lease. Your outsourced agents are up-to-date with management regulations and trends. They can explain the new policy, ensuring tenants understand and feel reassured. 

Partnering with an expert call center gives you peace of mind. You can work on other parts of your business, focus on enhancement, and expand your portfolio. You can be sure that your tenants are in good hands.

Research and read client feedback and reviews.

Checking References and Reviews

Check out the reviews of a property management call center to see how trustworthy it is. Asking for specific case studies or testimonials is also valuable. These can show how the call center handles issues and how good their customer service is.

You should be wary of bad reviews as well. Read all the available resources if you want to learn more about them. Reviewing them can affect your choice of who you see fit for your property management. Here are five key points to consider when evaluating a call center:

  1. Check Customer Satisfaction Levels: Look at their customer satisfaction scores. High scores and positive reviews show that they meet their clients’ needs. But low scores or frequent complaints could be a red flag.
  2. Review Response Times: Find out how they respond to inquiries and resolve issues. Fast response times maintain good customer relationships and prevent small issues from escalating. Slow response times might lead to dissatisfaction and could harm your company’s reputation.
  3. Assess Technical Capabilities: Ensure they have the right technology to handle your needs. A call center with the latest technology can provide an effective service. Their tech capabilities must align with your demands to ensure seamless service delivery.
  4. Verify Security Measures: Check what security protocols they have to protect client data. Strong security measures are essential to safeguard sensitive information and maintain trust. They should follow relevant regulations and standards to avoid potential data breaches.
  5. Understand Pricing Structure: Make sure their pricing fits within your budget. A clear understanding of costs helps in financial planning and avoids surprises. It’s also wise to compare their pricing with the market to ensure you get good investment value.

By considering these factors, you can choose a call center that will be a true asset to your business.

Considering Cost vs. Service Quality

Property management firms must balance cost and quality when choosing a call center. It might be tempting to just go with the cheapest option, but it can hurt your business.

Pros of Choosing Higher-Quality Call Centers

Better Tenant Retention

Your tenant calls with a concern about a maintenance issue in their apartment. Your call center’s polite reaction rectified the issue within 24 hours. Prompt service makes tenants feel valued and cared for. These positive interactions can build stability because your management provides fast and effective solutions.

Fewer Complaints

You receive a call from your tenant, who reports a leaking faucet late at night. The call center logs the issue and dispatches a maintenance team, which fixes it the same day. Fast resolution prevents a minor issue from becoming a large complaint. Simple changes like this will drop complaints and simplify property management.

Cons of Lower-Cost Call Centers

Risk of Poor Service

Choosing a cheaper call center to handle maintenance requests to save money has pitfalls. Several tenants complain of heating concerns, but an unequipped call center might take days to fix. Dissatisfaction can lead to negative reviews that hurt your property’s retention.

Damage to Reputation

A tenant reports a leaking faucet to your call center but gets a slow and unhelpful solution. An unhappy tenant leaves a bad review online, which might point out your rental property. This poor service can harm your reputation and deter new tenants from moving in.

Plan the integration process and train your team before onboarding.

Planning for Integration and Onboarding

Prepare a plan to integrate a new call center into your property management operations. Set up training sessions to explain your business’s processes, expectations, and common scenarios. Training assures call center agents can address tenants’ concerns. It helps new agents adapt by reducing onboarding issues.

It’s also important to set clear expectations and establish strong communication protocols. Make sure your call center knows your service to communicate issues and emergencies. Regular check-ins and feedback will improve the call center and match your needs. Being proactive during integration promotes your property management company-call center partnership.

Effective integration can increase data accuracy and response efficiency by up to 30%. Real-time data analytics and automated reporting systems can provide tenant satisfaction. Choosing the right call center that aligns with your company’s standards and needs will set you up for success.

Optimize Operational Efficiency With STAFFVIRTUAL

The right call center can impact your property management firm. Choosing the right call center enhances operational efficiency. It also improves tenant satisfaction and retention. STAFFVIRTUAL offers top-notch property management outsourced help call center solutions. Our team understands this industry’s unique needs and challenges. We leverage our nearly 15 years of experience to help improve your operations.

Partner with us to improve your customer service and streamline management tasks. Let STAFFVIRTUAL help elevate your property business. Contact us today to discover how our services can enhance your business efficiency. Let’s work together to achieve outstanding results.


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