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Key advantages of outsourcing accounting services in property management.
June 11, 2024

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Your Property Management Accounting


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It’s 2024, and you’re still managing your accounting operations in-house? Do yourself a favor and inquire about Property Management Outsource Accounting today!

Without a doubt, accounting can become a major headache in every business. However, it’s an integral part of property management. It encompasses tasks like monitoring cash flow and expenses, payment collection, and reporting. One of the most common responsibilities in property management is collecting rent and fees. This requires specialized skills and experience, so it’s more practical to outsource it.

Incorporating outsourcing solutions into your property management operations streamlines financial processes. Apart from this, there are many ways you can benefit from outsourcing your property management accounting. In this blog, we’ll discuss more about these benefits and help you understand them.

Managing your accounting in-house is a time-consuming task.

Why Consider Outsourcing Accounting in Property Management

Before we jump into discussing the benefits, it’s important to know your needs first. Accounting is a wide aspect of business, and managing it on your own might not be a sustainable option. So whether you need an extra workforce or want to boost business growth, outsourcing is a viable solution.

Property management accounting involves financial tasks, including but not limited to:

  • tracking rent payments,
  • managing invoices, and
  • ensuring compliance with housing regulations.

Complex tasks like these require high accuracy and in-depth knowledge of property laws. With the changes in the industry, your internal team might struggle to balance their workload. Outsourcing accounting to property management finance experts can ease your internal team’s workload. Your property managers will have more time to resolve tenant concerns and manage properties.

If you’re thinking of expanding your business, outsourcing can be a big help in achieving your goals. Outsourcing companies can help you develop a success plan and build effective strategies. These allow you to stay competitive in the property management market. Taking over your accounting operations is one of them. This makes outsourcing an invaluable solution for growing property management companies.

Finally, time constraints are often a sign to consider outsourcing. Not having enough time to manage your finances might lead to financial loss. So if you want to avoid this problem, it’s time to consider outsourcing.

Enhanced Financial Accuracy and Compliance

Hiring professionals to handle your property management accounting ensures accurate financial data. These professionals specialize in managing and monitoring finances. They use advanced accounting software that reduces errors and streamlines data entry. This helps maintain reliable financial records, which is beneficial to your company.

They also create regular financial reports that contain detailed financial analyses. Reports enable you to stay informed about the status of your finances. Financial accuracy is essential for effective management and decision-making.

Accurate reports also help in adhering to regulations and standards. Property management is subject to various financial compliance requirements that can be intricate. Outsourced accountants stay updated on these regulations and ensure financial compliance. They protect you from potential legal issues and fines.

Monitoring your company’s finances is a challenging task. Aside from standards, the property management industry has different levels of tax laws you need to follow. Non-compliance can become a major headache for businesses (e.g., penalties and fees). That’s why businesses usually partner with a third party to help them with tax compliance.

Cost Savings on Accounting Operations

Outsourcing accounting operations can yield significant cost savings for your property management business. It eliminates the need to hire full-time accountants and maintain an in-house team. This means you only pay for accounting services when the need arises. It makes financial management more scalable, especially for growing businesses.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Maintaining an in-house accounting team can be expensive, considering salaries, benefits, and training. It also entails investing in office space, software, and technology. When you outsource, your service provider handles these costs. You don’t have to buy the software yourself or spend money on updates and security features. Plus, you save a ton of money on equipment and office space since your team works remotely.

Training and Certifications

Laws and industry standards change from time to time. That’s why accounting entails continuous training and development. Your employees have to get certifications and training to keep up with these changes. You won’t have to worry about these responsibilities thanks to outsourcing. They take care of everything, from onboarding to training. Continuous training equips your outsourced accounting team with the latest knowledge.

Financial Efficiency

With all these savings combined, outsourcing accounting boosts your company’s financial efficiency. It’s a cost-effective solution for managing your finances. Outsourcing enables you to allocate your resources towards other business areas that enhance tenant satisfaction and property maintenance. At the same time, reduced expenses lead to increased profit.

Access to Specialized Expertise and Advanced Technologies

The median annual salary for accountants and auditors is $79,880. However, you can outsource an accountant for just 15% of that price. Outsourcing gives you access to experts who specialize in property management finance. These professionals are well-versed in the industry’s specific challenges and legal requirements.

They have a deep knowledge of the industry, from routine financial reporting to complex tax compliance. It ensures that your financial operations are accurate and optimal. Besides expert knowledge, outsourced accounting services use the latest financial software and tools. They provide advanced features such as automated expense tracking, real-time financial reporting, and secure data cloud storage. Such tools can improve the efficiency of your financial operations. Your financial data is more accurate, and you spend less time doing manual labor.

Let’s say you have a lot of invoices to send every month. If you don’t have access to property management software, it might take days to complete this task. With outsourcing, you can create and distribute tenant invoices immediately using advanced technology. Aside from saving your time, it also reduces human errors and avoids discrepancies.

Advanced technologies also help create accurate financial reports. Having a reliable and detailed report improves financial visibility and decision-making capabilities. Access to specialized skills and advanced technologies allows your business to streamline processes. Outsourcing companies give you insights that drive strategic growth and improvement.

Outsourcing improves focus on core business functions.

Improved Focus on Core Business Functions

Outsourcing accounting tasks can free up significant time for property management teams. It allows you to spend more time managing properties and building tenant relationships.

Financial management involves a lot of intricate processes. Instead of doing these tasks, you can focus on improving your services. Developing strategic growth initiatives and improving property maintenance lead to better tenant satisfaction and increased profit.

For example, you put in many hours of work every week to oversee finances and compliance issues. But over time, you may forget other important aspects of your property management company. By hiring someone else to handle your accounting, you can concentrate on activities that bring in money. These include boosting tenant relationships and enhancing property values through maintenance and inspections. This raises the caliber of service you give tenants and makes your portfolio of properties more valuable.

Scalable Solutions for Growing Property Portfolios

Getting your finances in order is part of growing your property portfolio. Outsourcing eases this burden off your shoulders. They can adjust to your increasing needs without hassle and help you scale your business.

As your portfolio grows, the complexity and volume of financial transactions also increase. Outsourcing providers have the resources and flexibility to manage this growth. They ensure your accounting remains streamlined and efficient.

Let’s say your property management company expands from managing 10 properties to 50. Your outsourced accounting team can handle this change by allocating more resources. They can also use advanced technologies to avoid disrupting your company’s daily operations.

Outsourcing is a great business solution that enables you to scale up or down at any time. It enables you to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to different business changes. With accurate forecasting and budgeting, your outsourced workforce helps you expand. It’s an effective strategy for growth and adaptation in dynamic markets.

Start Outsourcing Your Property Management Accounting Today

Accounting is a pivotal aspect of your property management business. Mistakes in this area can be expensive and hinder business efficiency. Leaving your accounting operations to outsourced experts reinforces your growth strategies. They can provide prompt support, especially when you want to grow your portfolio. Revenue growth is more likely to follow efficient company solutions, such as outsourcing.

STAFFVIRTUAL is the right place to start your outsourcing journey. With nearly 15 years of experience, we help you navigate through the challenges of the industry. We provide business solutions tailored to fit your needs without any hidden charges. Our broad pool of talent around the Philippines allows us to offer our clients top-notch service.

Partner with us to improve your accounting practices and focus more on your core business. Visit our website and schedule a free consultation call. Learn how our outsourced accounting services can transform your property management operations.


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