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Exploring the significant benefits of outsourcing calls in property management.
June 11, 2024

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Your Property Management Calls




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561 business owners participated in GoodFirms’ survey to understand how outsourcing helps companies. The top three reasons why companies outsource are:

  1. Increased productivity and efficiency
  2. Access to quality expertise/resources
  3. Lower costs

Property managers often experience difficulties addressing queries, emergency response coordination, and tenant support. Outsourcing ensures better service delivery without overwhelming your in-house staff. They can use innovative solutions to transform your operations. It allows you to focus on strategic initiatives like upgrades and acquisitions.

Outsourcing a Property Management Call Center can streamline property management tasks and improve tenant relations. Let’s discuss further the benefits of outsourcing your property management calls.

Introduction to Call Outsourcing in Property Management

In property management, engaging with a third party to handle calls can be beneficial. This helps property managers focus on other aspects of their business. Since communication is a crucial part of business, you must let professionals take care of it. Whoever answers your tenants’ calls makes or breaks their customer experience.

As the business grows and the market changes, the volume of calls you receive may vary. Through outsourcing, you can expand to handle call volume without losing service quality. It helps your business maintain outstanding service standards as it grows. You can manage your properties without needing a large in-house team.

Outsourcing also ensures that every tenant receives prompt support at any time. It can improve tenant satisfaction and retention. Imagine it’s late at night and a tenant discovers a plumbing leak that could damage the apartment. Handling after-hours could be challenging without a large in-house team. But because you’ve outsourced your call services, the tenant can reach a support line.

The costs associated with setting up an internal call center team can be expensive. Call outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution for property businesses. It cuts down on the need for extensive expenses, and because you have experts, the quality of service is high. Let’s go deeper into the top benefits of outsourcing your property management calls.

Boosting Tenant Satisfaction with Professional Support

Professional call centers help tenants by answering their questions and concerns. When you attend to your tenants’ needs, it makes them feel valued and well-served. Trained specialists handle their maintenance requests and billing questions, making them feel heard. Building good relationships and a positive living environment contribute to tenant retention.

Using innovative tools and technologies to improve tenant interactions also boosts tenant satisfaction. Call centers record and manage all tenant inquiries to prevent any missed opportunities. Systematic handling prevents issues from escalating and keeps tenants happy.

Property managers can concentrate on maintenance and improvements by outsourcing tenant communications. This shift leads to more efficient management, better-maintained properties, and higher tenant satisfaction. Call centers improve both operations and tenant relations, making them a good investment.

You can save a lot of money when you choose to partner with outsourcing providers.

Cost Efficiency Through Outsourced Services

By outsourcing call center services, companies can save on staffing, training, and technology. Companies pay for call center services on demand instead of having permanent internal teams. When things get busy or go slow, you don’t have to worry about hiring costs or payroll. You can adjust your team size depending on business needs or market demands.

Outsourced call centers train their staff on the newest technology and practices. Companies no longer need to invest in lengthy training programs. You can use an outsourced firm to train agents according to your company’s standards.

Property management systems need frequent updates and licenses, making them a costly investment. Call centers use these latest technologies in their services without charging their clients. You get access to cutting-edge technologies without shelling out.

This is why 59% of businesses cite cost as the biggest reason for outsourcing. You can save a lot of resources when you choose to partner with outsourcing providers.

Gaining Access to Expertise and Advanced Technology

Professional call centers offer specialized experience and cutting-edge technology to improve customer service. They offer access to customer service professionals and advanced technologies to improve communication. Here are five key advantages of partnering with a professional call center:

Trained Professionals

Professional agents handle many tenant situations, ensuring expert and polite service. Imagine a tenant calling frustrated about a delayed maintenance request. Trained agents understand the issue and resolve it right away. They apologize for the delay, explain the reasons, and assure the tenant that a technician is on the way. Since they know business standards, they schedule a follow-up call to settle the issue.

Call centers train agents for effective communication and problem-solving. Professionalism eases the situation and fosters tenant trust in your property management company. Communication skills, problem-solving skills, and business-specific protocols make them good customer relations managers.

Advanced Software

Modern call centers use advanced technology to track issues and follow-up requests. Let’s say a tenant calls late at night about a broken smoke detector in their unit. They can address the issue and ask the maintenance team for help. CRM software lets call center agents access repair history and other important details.

Technology integration enables quick issue resolution and keeps your tenants happy. Outsourcing lets you have CRM and database systems without making a huge investment. It enables better information flow and service customization.

Data Security

Outsourcing providers follow data protection rules to secure tenants’ sensitive data. Tenants are more likely to trust your company if you have a robust security policy in place.

Call centers protect tenant data by putting strong security measures in place. For example, a tenant needs to update their credit card for automated rent payments. When they call, your outsourced call center has a strong encryption system in place. Securing their new credit card information immediately prevents any unauthorized access.


Outsourcing allows you to scale up or down to meet peak company needs without hiring new workers. During peak season, you might receive a huge volume of tenant calls. An outsourced call center handles this workload increase, preventing overwhelming your internal team. 

Adjusting your workforce offers faster service for property managers without incurring extra costs. It can also lessen the administrative challenges of recruiting more in-house professionals. With this flexibility, you can deliver outstanding customer service, no matter the changes.

Continuous Improvement

Using new tools and methods to improve customer service enhances tenant satisfaction. With your call center’s help, tenants can request maintenance and pay rent online. Trained agents handle these requests and integrate the information into your system.

Because of this quick update, tenants receive accurate and helpful support or solutions. This provides a better experience for them. Happy tenants keep your company at the forefront of property management customer care. Outsourcing providers always update their technology to stay competitive in the market.

Outsourcing property management call centers help you provide 24/7 service.

Offering Around-the-Clock Support to Tenants

Nowadays, tenants need 24/7 service because issues don’t wait for business hours. They may have a plumbing emergency at night or a lease inquiry in the morning. Offering around-the-clock support shows that your management cares, which boosts satisfaction and retention.

An outsourced call center is key to making 24/7 support workable and efficient. Dedicated teams work in shifts to ensure someone is ready to answer calls at any time. If a tenant calls at 3 a.m. because of a leaking water heater, your call center can deploy a maintenance team to their unit.

An around-the-clock support system allows for the immediate resolution of tenant issues. Responding to issues and reassuring tenants helps with retention. It also improves your property management company’s reputation. 

Call centers enable you to handle more tenant issues. They reduce complaints and increase tenant retention. When tenants get 24/7 support, it improves their customer experience. If you have multi-residential properties, you need reliability outside of the nine-to-five window.

Outsourcing also provides high-quality service without the hassle of managing an internal team. It’s a practical business solution for property management companies with limited resources. Operations are more efficient, and property managers can focus on satisfaction and performance.

By outsourcing calls, property management companies may provide 24/7 service. Maintaining excellent communication and responsiveness leads to higher retention rates. It shows how valuable continuous support is to tenant satisfaction and loyalty.

Scalability to Match Business Growth

Outsourced call services help property management companies adapt as they grow. They can scale up to handle peak call volumes without compromising quality. Even when demand surges, call centers can provide support and resolve inquiries.

When you acquire more properties or have more vacancies, you might receive more calls. Inquiries, emergency response coordination, and tenant support can overwhelm your property managers. That’s where outsourcing comes in! Call centers help you scale your workforce depending on your needs.

Your customer service plays a big role in tenant satisfaction and retention. KPMG reports that 90% of global consumers consider issue resolution to be their top customer service concern. 

Outsourcing your calls ensures that your tenants receive the best customer experience. They provide high professionalism and faster response times. It’s a smart strategy that improves operational efficiency and sustains business growth.

Enjoy the Benefits of Outsourcing with STAFFVIRTUAL

Outsourcing saves time and resources, letting property managers focus on other important tasks. It also streamlines tenant communication, which enhances efficiency. You have a lot more to gain than to lose if you decide to outsource your property management calls. But it’s also important to partner with a credible provider to reap these benefits.

At STAFFVIRTUAL, we recognize the complexities involved in handling property management calls. When you outsource call handling to us, you get a partner to boost your firm’s growth. Dedicated to quality, our team handles every phone call with care. We let you focus on business tasks that can increase profit.

Schedule a free consultation today to see how our call management service improves your business. Let us streamline your call operations and boost tenant satisfaction. Let’s work together to help your business grow.


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