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June 11, 2024

Top 10 Tasks to Delegate to Your Property Management Virtual Assistant




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A study from the Federal University of Technology Minna highlights that some property managers are still engaged in conventional practices. This shows a significant need for efficiency and support in managing routine tasks. Property management firms can increase operational efficiency by assigning tasks to virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants let property managers focus on tenant relations. They aid in property improvements while handling administrative work.

Curious about how a virtual assistant can transform your day-to-day operations? Keep reading to discover the essential tasks for your property management strategy. This blog covers the top 10 property management tasks you can delegate to your VA.

Virtual assistant handling tenant inquiries.

1. Tenant Communication and Inquiries 

Managing tenant relations well is an important part of property management, but it can take a lot of time. There is a big difference that a virtual assistant (VA) can make here. A Property Management Virtual Assistant can answer a lot of questions from tenants. Complaints and maintenance updates are included.

Let’s say a tenant calls late at night to report a sudden water problem. Instead of waking you up, the VA takes care of it. He/she answers the call, writes down the problem, and arranges for quick maintenance. During the whole process, they inform the tenant and calm him/her. This not only gets issues fixed quickly, but also lowers stress for you and your tenants. 

Giving these chores to a VA will not only keep your tenants happy but will also give you more time to work on making improvements or new investments. You need to improve your workflow so that you can do more with less. This will help you handle your properties better and more successfully.

2. Scheduling Property Viewings and Maintenance

A smart move for any property manager is to give the scheduling of repairs and viewings to a virtual assistant. A VA can work with the schedules of tenants, maintenance staff, and potential tenants.

Take the case of a possible tenant who wants to see a house at the last minute. Your VA can see if the viewing is possible, set it up, and even get in touch with the person later. Quick handling can make the viewer’s experience much better. This can increase the chances of getting a new tenant.

By giving these chores to a VA, you have more time to work on bigger business goals like growth and keeping tenants. This is a good investment for any property management business because. It can elevate operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

3. Managing Rental Applications and Lease Agreements 

Quick processing of applications and agreements is crucial for a successful property manager. A property management VA can speed this up by collecting initial applications and completing all paperwork. This approach keeps paperwork organized and accessible, which is crucial for the company. 

Suppose many persons apply for a rental at once. Your VA can verify these applications and organize candidates for you to consider. They can also perform initial reviews based on your criteria. This saves time and helps you discover better tenants.

By outsourcing administrative responsibilities, you can focus on property improvement and tenant engagement. This shift from monotonous tasks to business-growing activities can boost efficiency and profitability. Any property manager who wants to grow should do it. 

4. Bookkeeping and Financial Record Keeping 

Successful property management businesses depend on accurate bookkeeping and financial records. Rent payments, bills, and financial reporting to a virtual assistant ensure accuracy. This systematic strategy lets you assess your business’s financial health and make changes. 

Rent payments flood in at the end of the month. VAs can track payments, identify delays, and remind tenants. They can also reconcile bank statements to ensure every transaction matches your records. This will relieve you of financial micromanagement. 

Your VA can create detailed financial statistics on cash flow, expenses, and profitability. Transaction tracking, strategic planning, and proving your business’s financial stability are also included. You may focus on tenant services and new investment prospects while your VA ensures every financial detail is accurate.

5. Marketing Property Listings Online

To fill openings and keep rental rates high, you need to use effective online marketing. A virtual assistant (VA) can make your home much more visible by crafting listings and posting them on popular real estate sites and social media. 

They make sure that every post for your property looks good. Initiatives include high-quality pictures and full descriptions of the rent, location, and amenities. This level of care makes your homes more appealing and open to a wider range of people. 

For example, let’s say you’re ready to rent out an apartment that you fixed up. Your VA is in charge of the listing. They use SEO techniques to make the post more relevant and track activity on sites like Facebook and Zillow. 

They keep an eye on which ads do the best, which lets you know where your marketing is working best. This real-time feedback lets you change how you do things and focus on the methods that people are most interested in. 

Statistics show that 40% of buyers make plans to see homes they have seen staged online. This shows how important it is to have ads that look good. Using a VA’s skills will not only help you keep your listings competitive but will also help you improve your marketing strategies.

6. Conducting Market Research and Analysis

To stay successful in property management, you need to know what’s going on. Market study and analysis are important ways to learn about how the market works now. This requires analyzing area properties and monitoring your competitors and economic developments. 

For example, let’s say you want to change the rent prices of your homes. Your virtual assistant can look at similar homes in the area and collect information about them. They can proceed with studying market trends, and put together a report that points out risks or possibilities. 

You might find that your prices are lower than the market rate. It gives you the confidence to raise them without worrying about losing tenants. Your VA can provide accurate and current market information to assist you in making smart decisions that meet tenant and market needs. 

This may involve shifting your homes to target a different demographic or selling them to interested clients. By using your VA’s research skills, you can turn data into ideas that you can use. This will help your business stay adaptable to changes in the market.

Maintaining properties increases tenant satisfaction.

7. Handling Maintenance Requests and Coordination

Maintenance management is important for keeping buildings in great shape. You can make sure that repairs are done by giving maintenance planning to a virtual assistant (VA). When tenants have maintenance problems, the VA is the first person they call. 

Let’s say a tenant tells you that the water heater isn’t working. Your VA can call nearby service providers right away. The VA may check what time works best for them, compare prices and availability, and set up a repair. He/she also makes sure to update the maintenance logs and get back in touch with the tenant. This quick action not only fixes the problem right away but also builds trust among your tenants in your management. 

Any rental business needs to keep up with calls for repairs and maintenance. By giving these jobs to your VA, you can streamline your business and address problems. Your VA’s careful attention to repair requests keeps your properties appealing as places to live.

8. Updating Property Listings and Availability

In the rental market, where competition is high, property ads must be up to date. In this case, an online personal assistant can be very helpful. They can keep your ads with the latest information on prices, availability, and other details.  This minimizes confusion and speeds up the renting process. 

As an example, if a house goes empty, your VA can add new pictures, detailed descriptions, and competitive prices. Taking action right away keeps your listings fresh and appealing. Immediate updates will make it more likely that you’ll find a tenant quickly. Getting regular changes like these will keep your rental business running smoothly. 

By giving these updates to a VA, you can focus on bigger business goals instead of getting bogged down in small, everyday tasks.  The setup makes things easier and enables you to adapt to market and tenant changes, keeping your firm flexible and quick to act.

9. Assisting with Tenant Screening Processes

Tenant screening is a task that must be significantly given to a virtual assistant. You can give your VA the job of collecting application forms, doing background checks, and even setting up initial interviews. This not only speeds up the process but also makes sure your tenants meet rental requirements.

For instance, let’s say you have several items that are empty.  Your VA could collect applicant information and do background checks without your involvement. Because of this, you can focus on other decisions instead of doing paperwork.

Having a VA conduct these procedures speeds up the leasing process and ensures quality tenants. With their help, you can find the right tenants faster and fill vacancies, which will lower turnover and make tenants happier. This hands-on method makes sure that your rental business runs while getting along better with your tenants.

Organizing and managing documents online.

10. Organizing Documents and Administrative Tasks 

Property management papers might be hard to track. Handling lease agreements, maintenance records, and tenant contacts is a must to run your business. This is where a virtual assistant (VA) may help you arrange your papers. They can digitally organize everything so you can find any paper without searching through files or email. 

Say you need to identify a tenant’s lease to resolve a maintenance dispute. You don’t have to search filing cabinets because your VA’s paperwork can be scanned and preserved under digital storage. Searching for the paper by tenant name takes seconds. This level of organization saves time and reduces stress when managing many residences. 

By outsourcing administrative tasks to a VA, you boost business efficiency and workflow. Studies reveal that office workers spend 30% to 40% of their day looking for papers. A digital document management system can save you time.

Manage Your Properties with STAFFVIRTUAL

It’s easy to remember the main tasks of a property management VA when you group them into 3 focuses: property, business, and tenant. Property tasks include scheduling, online listings, and maintenance requests. Business tasks, on the other hand, are more on financial records, market research, and administrative tasks. Lastly, tasks that fall under tenant focus are answering inquiries, managing rental agreements, and screening tenants. Out of all the things that keep you busy in managing your property, these are some of the main duties that can be taken care of by a skilled virtual assistant.

When optimizing your property management operations, STAFFVIRTUAL is your go-to solution. With our team of skilled virtual assistants, you can trust that your administrative burden is in the loop. Choosing us will allow you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business and providing excellent service to your tenants. From organizing documents to handling tenant inquiries, our VAs are here to make your life easier.

Ready to experience the benefits of outsourcing with us? Contact us today to learn more about how our virtual assistants can transform your property management business. Let us help you save time, reduce stress, and take your operations to the next level.


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