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Virtual Staff in the Philippines on the Rise
A Great Way to Save Money and Get Top Talent

Virtual Staff in the Philippines on the Rise

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Businesses around the world are increasingly looking to lease virtual staff in the Philippines for their staffing needs. But why the Philippines? What makes virtual staffing solutions Philippines so compelling? Why aren’t these services moving to a country closer to home – such as Mexico? Because, as it turns out, nowhere else in the world is there a larger, more affordable, more talented English-speaking workforce. This makes the Philippines the ideal choice for CEOs to find virtual staff.

Companies of all sizes are benefitting from this outsourcing boom.

From large multinational corporations, to small and medium sized enterprise. Smart CEOs know that this island nation is the best place to find a virtual staffing company, such as STAFFVIRTUAL, to help them build a quality team of dedicated, highly skilled, and affordable talent offshore to support their onshore operations.

The benefits of using virtual staff in the Philippines are now fairly well known and established. Many of the largest banks and telecom companies in the US, UK, Europe and Australia have used virtual staff in the Philippines for over a decade. Now, SMEs are also enjoying the same benefits that were once only available to large companies.

The Philippines boasts a large population of highly educated and skilled citizens

The Philippines boasts a large population of highly educated and skilled citizens who are ready for work, and with over 400,000 university graduates joining the workforce every year, the talent pool is only getting bigger. Many of these graduates are educated in IT or customer service related fields, making them ideal for a company looking to hire virtual technical staff. In addition to the fact that they speak English very well, Filipinos are known for their warmth, flexibility, ingenuity, and strong work ethic.

Makati City

Companies are using virtual staff for a variety of reasons – the number one reason being cost savings. Filipinos are much cheaper than their counterparts in more developed economies. In addition, Philippines is a highly westernized country with legal, political, and educational systems remarkably like those found in the United States. These cultural similarities make working with a team in the Philippines a real pleasure.

Talent is the lifeblood of any company, and finding, attracting and retaining top talent has always been a fundamental business imperative. Access to capital, free markets, and a good idea are critical elements for business success, but generally speaking, the businesses that employ the “best and brightest” typically come out on top. Through smart outsourcing, companies can enjoy access to a larger talent pool, and more sustainable source of skilled labor than is often available at home.

Access to modern technology is another reason virtual staffing services are on the rise. The archipelago island nation has one of the highest internet saturation rates in the world and many of its citizens are extremely tech and internet savvy. Submarine communication cables run from the islands to the mainland, connecting the Philippines to Europe, Asia, and the US at high speeds. Most of the virtual staffing companies in the Philippines are located in Makati, the New York City of the Philippines. STAFFVIRTUAL makati is a wise choice.

STAFFVIRTUAL, a company with a proven track record of delivering measurable results.

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So if you are a CEO looking for virtual staffing services, and you want to build a team offshore of virtual staff, think long and hard about the Philippines – a company with a proven track record of delivering measurable results. When it comes to choosing a place to hire virtual staff, you can’t beat the warmth and hard-working nature of the Filipino people. Simply put, you can’t find better, English speaking virtual staff anywhere else on earth. No wonder virtual staffing companies in the Philippines are on the rise!

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