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The Philippines: The Future of Virtual Staffing

Virtual Staffing Services in the Philippines

Staffing Services in the Philippines are changing the way companies hire in a big way. This disruptive hiring phenomenon has benefitted the country of the Philippines like no other.But why is the Philippines the preferred local for virtual staffing services? What makes virtual staffing services in the Philippines so compelling? Why aren’t these services moving to a country closer to home – such as Mexico? Nowhere else in the world has a larger, more affordable English-speaking workforce. This makes the Philippines the ideal choice for CEOs to find virtual staffing services

Organizations of all types and sizes are benefitting from the virtual staffing boom, from large multinational corporations, to small and medium sized enterprise. Smart CEOs know that this island nation is the best place to find a virtual staffing company, such as STAFFVIRTUAL, to help them build a quality team of dedicated, highly skilled, and affordable talent offshore to support their onshore operations.

Virtual Staffing in The Philippines

While the Philippines has long been seen to be one of the world’s best destinations for call centers and voice-based BPO services, as well as KPO, industry leaders are now pushing for the country to be recognized as a world leader in creative process outsourcing (CPO) as well, due to Filipinosʼ being exceptionally talented in several disciplines of art and design.

CPO activities such as 3D animation, video game development, music and sound engineering, advertising, film and video production, industrial design, architecture, photography, and publishing are already being performed in the Philippines.

As with BPO and KPO services, sharp increases in CPO should also be expected in years ahead.

To meet this pent-up demand, and to continue to succeed in competitive global marketplace for outsourced services, the outsourcing community of the Philippines, in cooperation with the Filipino Government, must continually strive to promote the industry, so that the Philippines can continue to develop a more highly skilled workforce, who can deliver world class BPO, KPO, and CPO services in the decades to come.

Virtual staffing services are inevitable, and here to stay. Employees and companies should and are taking advantage of new strategies to remain competitive on all fronts. Enabling communication technologies which are improving rapidly have fueled the growth of the global marketplace for these services. Companies that fail to take full advantage of this new reality will lose out as their competitors become stronger and more efficient with the help of offshore partners. The sharp economic downturn currently being experienced by countries like the United States with mature economies serves to exacerbate the need to, and benefit from, outsourcing.

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The virtual staffing services industry in the Philippines will continue to grow rapidly in the years to come. This growth is taking place for a number of reasons including; low labor costs, a highly Westernized culture, the hospitality of the people, strong government support, PEZA and other tax incentives, a robust IT infrastructure, an abundance of highly skilled and trainable workforce, its strategic location between East and West, an Expat friendly lifestyle, and because the country has a proven track record of delivering low-cost and high-quality virtual staffing services.

Pressure to cut costs, improve efficiencies, and enhance customer service is enormous, and has never been more important as a survival strategy. For these reasons, many companies of all sizes and across virtually every industry have made the move to the Philippines to find virtual staff. This trend will continue for as long as it is cost effective to do so, and enabling companies to become more efficient, flexible, and profitable.

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