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At STAFFVIRTUAL, we are aware of the importance of compelling content in grabbing readers’ attention, generating traffic, and turning visitors into leads. We provide the knowledge of our skilled content marketing specialists because they excel at creating compelling narratives that are tailored to your brand’s particular voice and objectives. Our experts have the knowledge to make your content marketing efforts a resounding success, whether you’re a startup trying to establish your presence or an established brand trying to widen your reach. Ready to take your content strategy to the next level? Trust our Content Marketing Specialists to unlock the true potential of your brand.

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How our Content Marketing Specialists in the Philippines can help

Want to leave a lasting impression? The key to accelerating the success of your brand is our team of content marketing experts.

Scalable Resources

Outsourcing a Content Marketing Specialist offers a flexible solution to meet your business’s specific needs.
Hiring more Content Marketing Specialists can help handle increased workload during busy times, allowing for easy resource scaling and efficient content creation and distribution.

They can assist with creating a content calendar, blog posts, social media posts, and email newsletters that are in line with your campaign objectives. Scalability allows for flexible content marketing adjustments, reducing costs associated with full-time in-house teams and allowing for resource reduction post-campaign to meet business demands.

Time Efficient

Outsourcing a Content Marketing Specialist allows your internal team to concentrate on core business activities.
Your team can focus their efforts on other important tasks that call for their expertise while the specialist handles the entire content marketing process, from planning to execution.

Let’s take an e-commerce company as an example. Take control of social media campaigns, customer data analysis, and conversion rate optimization where your marketing team is in charge. By outsourcing social media content creation, scheduling, and monitoring to a specialist, your marketing team can focus on analyzing consumer behavior and developing effective conversion strategies.

Diverse Skill Set

When outsourcing a Content Marketing Specialist, you gain access to a team with a diverse skill set.
For instance, the specialist may specialize in SEO optimization, ensuring high-quality content, and enhance its impact with visually appealing infographics or social media images, possibly with graphic design skills.

Additionally, their expertise in managing social media can aid in maximizing the exposure and interaction with your content across a variety of platforms. Your outsourced content marketing specialist can offer a thorough approach to content marketing that covers many different aspects, resulting in more effective and interesting content for your brand, by utilizing these varied skills.

We help our clients optimise the profitability and scalability

“One of the things I tell Hong Kong entrepreneurs is that we really should take advantage of this great resource. In the Philippines we can double or triple our team for less than half the cost than it would be here in Hong Kong… to be able to count on STAFFVIRTUAL to shorten that to a few days and get a team up and started, it was just the smart thing to do”

Max ArmbusterCEO, TalkPush

“STAFFVIRTUAL is so far ahead of the curve when it comes to remote staffing in the Philippines. “

Buckley BarlowCEO, In The Know

“The cost savings of STAFFVIRTUAL is very dramatic, although I would say it’s not the primary reason. The primary reason we use them is for the quality of the people we get. However, the cost savings are obvious on paper and easy to justify… I think STAFFVIRTUAL works very well for any fast growing company that is looking to expand their core services”

Eric HowardCOO, CM Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Content Marketer and a Content Marketing Specialist?

While content marketing specialists are experts in carrying out the tactical aspects of content marketing, content marketers concentrate on developing and implementing content strategies that are in line with marketing objectives. While content marketing specialists concentrate on content creation and optimization, content marketers work strategically and collaborate with various teams. The effectiveness of content marketing initiatives is influenced by both positions.

How can a Content Marketing Specialist enhance brand storytelling?

Storytelling is a skill that content marketing experts are exceptionally good at. They employ storytelling techniques to produce emotionally resonant content after fully grasping the brand’s voice, values, and target market. By incorporating a brand narrative into their content, brands are able to establish a stronger connection with their audiences and win over their loyalty.

Can a Content Marketing Specialist assist with content localization or international marketing?

Yes, for international marketing, content marketing specialists can assist with localization efforts. For the purpose of localizing content for various linguistic and cultural settings, they collaborate with translators or localization experts. They make sure that the localized content keeps the brand’s voice and messaging while effectively connecting with the target audience in various locales.


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